Thursday, May 20, 2010

What life can be?! Lion City Day 1 of 8

Technology really changed after 1 year! Last year in Taiwan we only managed to upload photos after we flew back to Malaysia.

But here at Singapore we want to be different! Twitter updates anywhere.

But the bad thing is everyone over-indulge in technologies! When I'm blogging, Ting Yik, Ke Xin, Jin Yan all are online besides of me! Facebook, Skype etc. LOL. We're like change a destination all the way from Penang to Singapore to --- online.

Thanks to mum n dad I only managed to come here.

Jetstar A320 - Nice

Thanks to Jetstar Promo too I managed to grab 2 way ticket at RM170.

Luggages for 4 - Simple and easy trip

All set to go!

The best thing in travel is not when you reach the destination; but the long anticipating moment. You really get excited !

Ke Xin said: compared with Cathay, really beh ki. LOL. she's way too pampered.

Seat 23A, and I managed to take hometown photo bird view!

USM Engineering Campus, Sg Kerian, Nibong Tebal, Parit Buntar

We touched down at the slippery land in Changi Terminal 1. Obviously it's after a heavy rain.

We took Sky Train from T1 to T2, and we were like spending hours just in the airport. It's really world-best airport and yes, we are yet to go to T3! Stark contrast to Penang Airport, why still no upgrade?

Creative recycle bins at T1, left Jin Yan, centre Ke Xin, Ting Yik

Da Ben Siang! SHC I spotted you! You're everywhere! haha =P

Singapore transportation system is definitely awesome! The system is quite similar to Taipei MRT. Very efficient. You don't have to walk far or under scorching sun to change station, or switch to Monorail or KTM.

There's one big electronic sign board, showing you which station is next =P

Taiwan Xi Men Station

Taiwan Xi Men Station II

Don't be mistaken! From the first sight we're like in Taiwan!

It's Chinatown MRT! Wuhoo! 30 steps, yes, 30 steps from our stay - A Beary Good Hostel.

Which is a very good hostel!

Taken outside my hostel - Chinatown MRT, Pagoda Street

Here you can enjoy PS 3, Wii, 3 netbooks free to use, wifi, nice bed, good location, friendly service - with cute bear bear

Had a walk around at Chinatown! It's like a clean and more organised Petaling Strt.

Ke Xin n I tried Kacang Soup, not bad

Belum try sudah cakap bagus =.=

oh ya..haha..most important part! these're our bed! dormitory style!

Like the soft mattress! Perfect stay for $23+

This leg is definitely not mine! LOL

Though just a straight next to Malaysia, Singapore is really much different. Clean, organised and really advanced.

But what beh tong is the currency rate, a Chay Kuew Teoy at Chinatown costs about SG 4...but when you convert to Ringgit, wonder many Singaporeans prefer shopping at JB & KL.

That's all for today. Will update when free!

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xuannie said...

heloww slow poke. oh well. you are back in M'sia Truly Asia!!! ahahaha. so my! What the heck you doing 8 days in S'pore??? What??!! 8 days!!! Then the stay mah very expensive?"!!!!! but i guess after reading your blog. Your trip was really well organized and planned. That's sucha smart and wise backpackers should be. Homework well done before travelling. Small money big travel!


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