Friday, May 28, 2010

i was 19, but when i come back i am 20

Yo! I am back to home after 8 days backpacking at the little red dot - Lion City - Singapore!

Yeah, 8 days. 

"What the heck you doing 8 days in Singapore?" 

"What??!! 8 days! Then the stay mah very expensive?" 

"Got so much things to see meh? Other than Orchard Road and Sentosa, apa lagi?" 


But in fact it's not! As you touch down the ground & walk, you can experience an uniquely Singapore! 

The most livable city in Asia! WONDERFUL !!!

In the coming posts I will write my travel log, in date and time sequence. Besides, I will share some very useful & practical backpack tips, and where to go & see in Singapore! 

And yes, you don't have to spend big money to travel 80% of the attraction points in the map! 

I just spend SGD 420 in 8 days trip - (7 nights accommodations, 3 meals per day, Universal Studio, 360 degree city view & sunset, Orchard, Bugis, Chinatown, Little India, Esplanade, Marina Bay, CBD, Jurong East, Expo & Gifts ) 

Considered the number of places I went & things I did, SGD 420 is really, really spent wisely! 

Plus my Jetstar air ticket the entire trip is jus RM 1,167 !

How to do it fun, cheap and most important experience most things and a Quality trip? 

Stay tune in my blog! =P sell high first XD

I had about 10 GBs new pics in my laptop, thanks to Ting Yik & Ke Xin & Jin Yan! My very fun & funny partners throughout the trip! 

In the mean time when I sort out the pics, let's catch a glimpse of SG backpack trip here! =P

And Yes! I'm officially 20th now! Had a simple yet unique birthday celebration! But so bad still too young to enter casino >< 

 What life can be day 2 out of 8 is coming up! 



Charlene C. said...

haha come Korea you are qualified to go into casino already. Malaysia just dont wanna approve us to be adults faster

xuannie said...

slow poke!!! i am already confuse with your these two blog post. that i mixed them up! the "wth you doing 8 days in s'pore" actually belongs to this blog post. aiyo. bwahaha. but it's ohkay. oh well. i want to go s'pore so badly!! i am surprised that you only spent like SGD 420 for 8 days trip! unbelievable!!! the penguin is so so cute!!! ohh ohh! kara is so cute and photogenic! :)

Joan said...'s really WORTH enough to spend a little and have such a high QUALITY trip in SG!

btw, i entered casino before...hoho...u can go to Macau there...after 18,u can enter the casino there ad...and i did i curi-curi go in one la,coz that time haven't reached my b'day...luckily they din check my passport...xD)


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