Monday, February 28, 2011

TEDxPenang Committee Application

We are looking for 10 core committee members for TEDxPenang and the rest will be selected as volunteers.

What's TED?

I believe TED is familiar to many of you. For those who don't, please check out

Created in TED's mission, "Ideals Worth Spreading"; TEDx is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level.

Here we bring you TEDxPenang!

It's scheduled to be in May or early June.

Penang is a wonderful place where it has a lot to offer.

Through TEDxPenang, the very best of the Pearl of the Orient, for instance: entrepreneurship spirit, the secret of nice foods, NGOs, high-tech industry and many more; can be showcased, shared and inspires individual and the world.

We are in the process of engaging 6 best speakers in Penang from different fields, like Nicol David from sports, Dato' Anwar Fazal the winner of "Alternative Noble Prize", "UNEP Global 500" from NGOs and many more!

TEDxPenang Committee Application

We're looking for 10 core team members to create history. Let us provide the best conference experience to people in Penang. If you have a passion to give a positive impact to this community and feel you are the right one, please FILL IN our GOOGLE SPREADSHEET as BELOW --------------------------->

DATELINE for APPLICATION: 1159pm, 5 March 2011(Saturday)

Please stay tune for more updates, check out our Official Facebook Page :

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Calling for a quality, intellectual and professional campus election 2011

I am writing this post as a undergraduate, as well as a eligible voter for the next student representative council. And I believe this message is also the voice of many students here at least in Universiti Sains Malaysia.

First of all, congratulation to all candidates who have passed through the registration process. You all definitely deserve a hand of applause as it's never easy to go into this election. It takes a lot of courage.

New Konkos @ Kompleks Cahaya (Pic LGH)

Press Conference (Pic LGH)

So, today (19/2/2011), less than 48 hours before voting starts at 830am (21/2/2011) Monday at respective hostel and Kompleks Cahaya (For students staying outside USM)

Map direction Kompleks Cahaya, Picture Copyrighted @SPF USM

We can expect mass campaign by all the candidates, seeing 11 candidates competing for 6 general seats; 26 contesting for 15 school seats, while 5 seats won uncontested; namely Seni, Sains Farmasi, Sains Komputer, Bahasa, Literasi &Terjemahan and Komunikasi.

All candidates also started campaigning, walking from cafe to cafe and e-campaigning through social networks too. And we watch videos candidates promoting themselves.

However we as USM, the APEX University students, should set a benchmark of having a quality, intellectual and professional campus election 2011.

We can see a lot of candidates promoting through self-introduction, background and achievements. But, most of them have not provided us what are their tangible plans if they are elected as MPP 2011/2012, which is more important.

I truly believe the issue should be more than kebajikan...kebajikan without any further contents.

Candidates naming process

We don't judge a candidate merely by his/her popularity, but what changes he/she can bring to this campus.

There are a lot more issues where our candidates have to answer, or at least, tell us their stand.

Just to name a few example:-

1. Unemployment rate among local undergraduates in Malaysia is 5% (According to Malaysiakini), which is higher than Malaysia average unemployment rate 3.5%; what are candidates' ideals or actions to solve this problem? (I believe quality of teaching & learning is very important)

2. Many students face problems when dealing with respective school, like: when registering courses in early semester, a Management student taking TITAS got different answers from different person in charge and etc.

3. E-Learning portal & email not fully utilized. (Many still have to printing shop below library 1 to get study materials; class cancelled last minute without any email notification and etc)

4. Stand on AUKU and whether university students can take part in politics (It's debated in Parliament too, each of the candidate should have their own stand)

5. Tangible actions to make USM a more sustainable, truly green campus?

6. Bus services? (It's the issue every year, and previous candidates also promised to solve, however, ask yourself, are you satisfied with campus bus service today?)

There're a lot more issues that matter to every student.

Let us challenge our candidates to write out their clear manifesto with tangible actions through blogspot and facebook notes. Only then we judge who we have to vote as future leaders.

We call ourselves as APEX University students, we should equivalently do it by actions. Let start with this campus election, here we call for a quality, intellectual and professional campus election 2011.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy Bit Bit Year

Happy Cutie Rabbit Year to my dear families & friends!

Gong Hei Fatt Chor...and most important is HUAT AR!!!

Bit Bit is so cute...I love very much...Haha...

Sangat Comel

Bug Bunny Rabbit Cute
Childhood's friend

This one is even nicer...pretty girl with rabbit custome! Hahaha

Just a simple post to kick start new year...Opps...this is the 1st post for 2011! XD

Happy Chinese New Year 2011



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