Monday, September 27, 2010

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps: My 10 Best Quotes

I watched this last weekend and just wanna share some thoughts here. 

It's a 13-PG movie for brief strong language and thematic elements; run time 2 hour 16 min

"Wow! The movie is so long, money never sleeps but audiences sleep?" See joked to us. 

Wall Street

Yes, it's the movie title and curiosity that attract the audiences. 

It's Wall Street. The place for the top finance professionals, fund managers, bankers, investors and etc.  

It's all about Money. Who's not interested in $? 

If doctors save patient life, then these finance people are related to everyone's life. 

A financial-crisis like 2008's turned millions to be jobless overnights. Many committed suicide. Economics stagnant. Less fund to the schools and hospitals. Less roads were built. Scholarships cut down. Etc. 

Money isn't everything

This movie is too serious. It's not a good movie if you don't like what's behind. Certainly will feel bored. Go for Avatar or Transformers if you want to watch high-tech, or Resident Evil for an action movie. 

This movie is showing reality. The reality of life. 

Here I share my 10 best quotes in the movie. 

You wanna know what the mother of all bubbles was?

1. Greed is good and now it's legal! 

2. If it weren't for people who took risks, where would we be in this world? 

The "fuck you" room

3. Money is a bitch who never sleeps, and if you don't keep an eye on her, then you wake up in the morning and she's gone

4. It's easy to get in - it's hard to get out. 

5. How about you stop telling lies about me and I will stop telling the truth about you 

Going to zero

6. The one thing I learned in jail is that money is not the prime asset in life. Time is 

7. There's so much you don't know

8. It's not about the money - It's about the game

9. A lot of stuff has changed since the 1980's 

"The stock goes down, you wear the crown."

10. You wanna know what the mother of all bubbles was? Us. The human race.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Must Try Bak Kut Teh at Yuan Xiang Food Garden (源香古早味) Chinatown Megamall Prai Penang

I never write about food in my blog. This’s the first time I do this because… it’s really ho-chiak la!

Penang is famous for its mouth-watering foods, both at the island and seberang perai.

The new opening of Yuan Xiang Food Garden (源香古早味) at Chinatown besides Pacific Megamal, Prai is another example, making locals and tourists spoilt for choices.

This is the place you must come and try…

You can enjoy Bak Kut Teh without hot, humid and noisy don't have to sweat a lot :P

Here, it's a Chinese culture ambience, a touch of west and the east; just sit down and relax...

Customers' all-time-favourite Bak Kut Teh!

What makes it so special is its secret 养生 (healthy) recipe, which has been inherited for 3 generations.

You can feel the strong aroma of herbs... and it's not oily! This dish is specially prepared by the owner, a licensed chinese physician (中医师)as well. Another business partner is an economic graduate. 

" Nowadays people care for health more than ever, and it relates mainly from what you eat. It's always my mission to prepare delicious and healthy foods. And here comes this 养生肉骨茶! " said Linda Chong, one of the owners of this restaurant. 

Dry Bak Kut Teh (干肉骨茶)

Gu Za Bi

You can cook yourself too! 


Nice local authentic cuisines

You can order 洛神花茶 or nice western desserts too.It would be nice if you bring another half here, enjoying the sentimental background music for a lunch/dinner time escape from the hustle-bustle.

To book earlier, please contact: 0124780913, 0164549389.
Business Hour: 11am - 8pm

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Youth Empowerment & Meeting PM of Malaysia

Hi World! I'm back to home for 2 weeks raya & semester break. First of all, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my Muslim friends & respected lecturers. Ilman Amirin, KMPP-Gang, USM friends...enjoy your new year! =D

My intention to write this is to share what we youths can do and what are the opportunities for us out there.

Just a piece of sharing of what made me inspired =D

I've met lots of friends who are very passionate and always want to do something good to the society. But at times we question:" What can I do? As an undergraduate, as a youth, I'm very limited?"

I used to think of that, too. I used to study hard, scored the best result I could in government exams. With the hope to enter good university, get 1st class degree and work for big firms. For the social-economic issues, well, it's to early for me to concern! It's non of my business!

But 1 year university life has changed my perception, entirely.

It's AIESEC, Great Eastern, Amway, Backpacks, Malaysia Leaderships Development Seminar (MyLDS), EYLN, PPSL, Books...and most importantly, different kind of PEOPLE that I have come across that changed me.

I met up youth who's the winner of international business competition, invited guest speaker to Stanford Uni, Googleplex, interviewed by BBC & CNN all at the age of 23.

I met up founder of a company, who organized largest youth event and managing a team of 150 people, at the age of 20.

My university friends, who are always so proactive & CEO of East Summit, who has high positive energy always! 

The list can just go on and on... all the invited guest speakers & many delegates in MyLDS & EYLN are the inspirations.

All of these are very positive motivations. "People can do it! Why can't I? I must do it!"

"Each of everyone of us is of no much difference, it's the power of will, courage, decision we make today that differentiate our life in coming 5 to 10 years"

Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook at the age of 20.

Since then he changed his life, and the world

The same thing happens locally, too. But just in different context. 

"If you have any business ideal, just go and do it! Just start! Don't think of profitability first as if you do the right thing, and it makes people life easier, money will come in naturally" - ChenChow, founder of said in EYLN 2010. 


I'm very honoured to be selected as one of the 30 Youths Entrepreneur Malaysia to attend a Special Buka Puasa Dinner with PM of Malaysia at his official residence at Putrajaya. 

All my friends who I respect and look up to very much. They are all from different colleges and universities, both local and overseas.

President of SIFE, Student Council Representative from Taylor College, Young Entrepreneurs, graduate gave up high pay overseas and back to Malaysia; just to name a few. 

Michael Teoh - He's the one who gather all youths and made this event possible. Yes, I'm referring him as the 23 year-old youth.

Now he's all for MyHarapan Foundation, a very noble work I would say. Just GOOGLE it for more =D 

Jazz & Lorraine! 

Jazz and I made all the way from Penang to Putrajaya! Support Jazz for her Youth Jam 11' for Digi The Next Level Challenge

With my respected Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing and Vice-Chancellor of Sunway University College, Professor Robert Bignall. Managed to talk with them in some education issues. 

With Deputy Minister of Higher Education 

A moment to remember. 

It's my up most pleasure to have the chance to sit down and shared with PM my view current issues. 

I did raise up issues like brain-drain, from a local undergraduate point of view. I support wholeheartedly to NEM (New Economic Model) & GTP (Government Transformation Program) which will really transform Malaysia. 

Implementation is never easy. It needs a lot of political will as well. In today fast-paced world, Malaysia has no time to wait, we must change and our PM knows it very well. 

I will support policy which makes a better Malaysia! =D 

Our Prime Minister is someone who listen to you, and very straight to the point. 

Very friendly, open-minded son & daughter of PM. 

What I gained from the session is dare to speak up. The world needs to listen to our voice. Youth's voices.

We play a major role in shaping the world. Any issues and practical ideals just to talk. It can be your Dean, Vice-Chancellor, CEO, MPs and...anyone!

We youths do not really involve ourselves in politics, but we want a better governance of this nation. We're all against corruption and racism.

Youth, once empowered, can do wonders. 

Cannot agree more. Some might sceptical towards our nation's future. 

But I do see some beacon of hopes, and it shines on us. Youths. 

We all can make a difference, by real actions. We're the one who decide on our own fate. 

Youths - are leaders of today.

Any ideal, just do and start it. If you need a platform, AIESEC can be the one =D

"Live the life you want, you choose it." 


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