Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blogger Content Policy - Think-lah before you write, research before you comment

Well, there're some arguements about what we can write in blogger and cannot recently. People get too worried of what is being written here. Well, as a citizen we have to follow the laws. In blogger we have a complete set of policies, which act as a guidelines.

I don't wish to talk much here. The Blogger Content Policy has it all.

A complete reference from Blogger Content Policy

Blogger Content Policy

Blogger is a free service for communication, self-expression and freedom of speech. We believe Blogger increases the availability of information, encourages healthy debate, and makes possible new connections between people.

We respect our users' ownership of and responsibility for the content they choose to share. It is our belief that censoring this content is contrary to a service that bases itself on freedom of expression.

In order to uphold these values, we need to curb abuses that threaten our ability to provide this service and the freedom of expression it encourages. As a result, there are some boundaries on the type of content that can be hosted with Blogger. The boundaries we've defined are those that both comply with legal requirements and that serve to enhance the service as a whole.

Content Boundaries

Our content policies play an important role in maintaining a positive experience for you, the users. Please respect these guidelines. From time to time, we may change our content policies so please check back here. Also, please note that when applying the policies below, we may make exceptions based on artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific considerations or where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking action on the content.

Adult Content:

We do allow adult content on Blogger, including images orvideos that contain nudity or sexual activity. But, pleasemark your blog as 'adult' in your Blogger settings. Otherwise, we may put it behind a 'mature content' interstitial.

There are some exceptions to our adult content policy:

  • Do not use Blogger as a way to make money on adult content. For example, don't create blogs where a significant percentage of the content is ads or links to commercial porn sites.

  • No incest or bestiality content: We do not allow image, video or text content that depicts or encourages incest or bestiality.

  • Child safety: We have a zero tolerance policy towards content that exploits children. Some examples of this include

  • Child pornography: We will terminate the accounts of any user we find publishing or distributing child pornography. We will also report that user to law enforcement

  • Pedophilia: We do not allowcontent that encourages orpromotes sexual attraction towards children. For example, do not create blogs with galleries of images of children where the collection of images or text accompanying the images is sexually suggestive.

  • Hate Speech: We want you to use Blogger to express your opinions, even very controversial ones. But, don't cross the line by publishing hate speech. By this, we mean content that promotes hate or violence towards groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity. For example, don't write a blog saying that members of Race X are criminals or advocating violence against followers of Religion Y.

  • Crude Content: Don't post content just to be shocking or graphic. For example, collections of close-up images of gunshot wounds or accident scenes without additional context or commentary would violate this policy.

  • Violence: Don't threaten other people on your blog. For example, don't post death threats against another person or group of people and don't post content encouraging your readers to take violent action against another person or group of people.

  • Copyright: It is our policy to respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement. More information about our copyright procedures can be found here. Also, please don't provide links to sites where your readers can illegally download other people's content.

  • Personal and confidential information: It's not ok to publish another person's personal and confidential information. For example, don't post someone else's credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, unlisted phone numbers, and driver's license numbers. Also, please keep in mind that in most cases, information that is already available elsewhere on the Internet or in public records is not considered to be private or confidential under our policies.

  • Impersonating others: Please don't mislead or confuse readers by pretending to be someone else or pretending to represent an organization when you don't. We're not saying you can't publish parody or satire - just avoid content that is likely to mislead readers about your true identity.

  • Illegal activities: Don't use Blogger to engage in illegal activities or to promote dangerous and illegal activities. For example, don't author a blog encouraging people to drink and drive. Otherwise, we may delete your content. Also, in serious cases such as those involving the abuse of children, we may report you to the appropriate authorities.

  • Spam: Spam takes several forms in Blogger, all of which can result in deletion of your account or blog. Some examples include creating blogs designed to drive traffic to your site or to move it up in search listings and posting comments on other people's blogs just to promote your site or product.

  • Malware and viruses: Do not create blogs that transmit viruses, cause pop-ups, attempt to install software without the reader's consent,or otherwise impact readers with malicious code. This is strictly forbidden on Blogger.

Well, here goes the blogger content policy. I've done some researches for the blogger rules and regulations, policy and internet laws. But I have not come across with a rule stating.. sharing of a product from consumer point of view, or criticisms of facts which are feedbacks are wrong to post.

So, what I want to share here is, when we write something, yes, abide the rules, think of others feeling. Most importantly, before you start worrying or make a harch contradict comment, do your research first! Know what you talk! Don't simply just say as if everything is right.

I know you worry me out of love and care, but please know what are you worrying about? And why should you?

Dalton should be very happy with this blogger content policy. His blog was once 'attacked' by AK47. =P

I no longer block my blog. This blog is a platform for me to write & share. I've the absolute right and freedom. So people, look forward for coming posts!^^

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Officially close my blog.

Blogs provide us a platform where we can share our views and stories. As long as it doesn't deal with sensitive politics, write things which are not true or slander on someone.

This's part of the Web 2.0 and globalisation process. People talk about sharing nowadays.

Just ask ourselves:" when we wanna buy a product noawadays, may it be a handphone, laptop or foods, very often we Google it" We read people reviews on their blog, comparisons, etc and finally make our own decision.

So, what's wrong with sharing something that is true? Just like the broadband review? We write from the point of consumer and we definitely have the consumer rights to write reviews!

But sadly, some people just can't accept it.

If the 'logic' is right, then how about those critising "StreamXXX" service in the forum? (they're talking facts) How about those, like, after having a wonderful meal, share on their blog; on the other hand comment or some food stalls which are not too nice. They have the right, man.

Come on, what era is this? Please think twice before we comment.

I bet some party also read reviews on internet to make their services better. That's why online polling is so popular.

I'm really dissapointed. Don't feel like the mood to blog anymore. At least for the time being. I'm not dampened but just... dissapointed.

So, I'll make this blog private. If you want to read just write me a message through the blogger.

I don't know when I'll re-open this blog. At least for the time being it wouldn't happen...

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sharing - 10 advices from Guy Kawasaki

Each of us has different meaning of life.

We don't know how long we can live?

But at least, Aim High...

Thanks Chen Chow for sharing this in his blog.

The 10 advices from Guy Kawasaki are:-

#10: Live off your parents as long as possible.

#9: Pursue joy, not happiness.

#8: Challenge the known and embrace the unknown.

#7: Learn to speak a foreign language, play a musical instrument, and play non-contact sports.

#6: Continue to learn.

#5: Learn to like yourself or change yourself until you can like yourself.

#4: Don't get married too soon.

#3: Play to win and win to play.

#2: Obey the absolutes.

#1: Enjoy your family and friends before they are gone.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Digi Broadband Review

This's my first time to write a review about a Tele company product. Like the motto I always uphold to, "good things must always share with people mar" ^^

Frankly speaking, I never have faith in Malaysia broadband services. Lots of my friends are using and complains never end. Slow, unstable, costly, termination fee etc ><

But this time, Digi Broadband changed my perception, totally! Digi, which owned in majority by a Norway tele corp, is doing fantastic job under CEO Johan Dennelind. In Malaysia who doesn't know about the famous Yellow Man (now known as Yellow Coverage Fellow)?

Digi launched its 3G broadband in this March. It's true that when come to wireless broadband, people tend to think of Maxis, Celcom and P1 Wimax to name a few. But believe me, Digi Broadband has the competitive advantage and let me tell you why>

Digi Broadband Done Right offers 3 packages which are Discover, Explore and Extreme. What really differentiates Digi Broadband from other rivals is Digi's honesty with its speed. Digi tells it provides an average or minimum download speed of 700Kbps, not like others UP to 3.6Mbps which in fact is quite impossible.

Discover package is only RM58 with 700Kbps download speed and 3GB usage; while Explore package is RM108 with same 700Kbps speed but larger 10GB volume. Extreme is RM188 with fast 2Mbps speed. There's NO contract, NO termination fee, No activation fees! Just pay RM58 and you can enjoy the real high speed broadband within 2 hours.

The BEST thing is, if you're a student, you'll get a FREE Digi modem which other sim cards can function normally as well. It's not like Maxis or Celcom modem which strictly available for one company.

Or, for those with own modem, you just have to pay RM53 for the RM58 Discover package; RM98 for the RM108 Explore package and RM168 for RM188 Extreme package. It'll be a relatively large amount of saving for few months time! XD

Digi Broadband Modem, actually is the Huawei modem.

Well, package sounds good. But what about SPEED? SPEED is most important! We don't want paying 100 bucks but can't even watch Youtube T.T

Digi Broadband speed is awesome! I tested the speed at around 9.00pm, 25 August 2009, which believed most of the users are online.

And the result was breathtaking! 1.07Mbs download speed, which is higher than the stated 700kbs.

Not believing, I made another try~~~

An average 100kbs download speed for a 300 Mb file, for broadband can be considered as good edi :)

Always get frustrated to wait Youtube to buffer? Just like a friend of mine from JB, subscribing Maxis Broadband RM 108 package... Youtube...ermm..well... wait 30min for a 10min clip. He's utterly dissapointed!!! Not worth the penny! T.T

For Digi, at least I don't have to wait for Youtube to buffer. It's smooth~~~

Lucrative package, considerably fast speed----- what about Coverage???

In terms of coverage, I have to say Digi is still behind Celcom and Maxis. Currently it just covers Penang and KL. Digi's CEO Dennelind said in year end Digi will double the Penang coverage and cover the whole Klang vally and major cities like Johor Bahru and Kota Kinabaru.

In Penang... well, not bad!

Another good thing is, if the area is without 3G, Digi Broadband can still run EDGE which others can't, equivalent to 2.75G and faster than the GPRS.

Most important it covers 3G in USM area... or more precisely, Bukit Gambier area, where most of the hostel students reside!

I personally tried friend's Maxis broadband there, and subscribed to Celcom before I terminated on the 5th day. Very slow and low coverage I would say in that area. P1 Wimax?? I never used before so I can't make a comment.

By investing less than RM 2 a day, we'll get high speed connection. Never worry to disconnect during the one-attempt online quizzes, tonnes of assignments and of course, Facebook! Haha

Coverage in KL. Will be fully covered in the year end.

In short, Digi Broadband really offers a whole new experience for broadband users. If you're looking for an attracting packages, fast & stable connection, Digi can be your smarter choice!

Try Digi Broadband. The Yellow Man can do awesome jobs, really! =P

Do SHARE with me your broadband experience in any location & any company.

Together let's increase the broadband penetration in Malaysia and most importantly, fight for a better internet speed cause todate, whoever rules the Internet rules the World! XD

Friday, August 21, 2009

Amazing Skylines

I simply love skylines. My adrenaline surges by just looking the bewildering array of skyscrapers. That's why I like travelling! We can actually catch a glimpse of what the city really looks like, how it works, cultures and history. Skyline speaks for the city itself. It represent the landmark, the identity.

*** This listing ranks cities by the visual impact of their skylines. It is drawn entirely from statistics in this website's database, and reflects only completed high-rise buildings as defined by the Emporis Standards Committee (ESC). This calculation does not include TV towers, masts, bridges, or other structures.

Place CityPopulationAreaBuildings²Points³
1.Hong Kong6,943,6001,053 km²7,651126,515
2.New York City8,363,710800 km²5,76837,955
3.Singapore4,351,400685 km²4,33217,334
4.Chicago2,853,114589 km²1,09817,020
5.São Paulo10,990,2491,523 km²5,64416,811
6.Seoul10,331,244616 km²2,87516,805
7.Shanghai9,145,7116,639 km²98214,681
8.Tokyo8,653,000621 km²2,68913,282
9.Bangkok7,587,8821,569 km²77912,733
10.Guangzhou6,560,5007,434 km²50110,984
11.Dubai1,241,0003,885 km²4589,825
12.Toronto2,503,281630 km²1,7658,248
13.Chongqing6,300,00082,403 km²5307,919
14.Shenzhen1,245,0002,020 km²3486,890
15.Moscow10,443,0001,081 km²2,0306,399
16.Beijing7,746,51916,808 km²8986,307
17.Kuala Lumpur1,800,674244 km²5416,158
18.Rio de Janeiro6,161,0471,261 km²2,4665,666
19.Jakarta9,341,400661 km²3874,801
20.Macao453,73321 km²5574,661

Obviously, HK, NYC and Singapore have the most highrises. To compare and rank a certain skyline, we need to take population and area into accounts. Like, Chongqing has an area of 82,4203km2 whilst KL is just 244km2. It's more accurate to compare HK and NYC which have close population and size. This's the skyline part.

To rank 'world city', we look into areas like International, first-name familiarity, participation in international events, fairly large population, international airport, advanced transportation system, international financial institutions, advanced communications infrastructure, World-renowned cultural institutions like museums, lively cultural scene and etc.

Todate, only 2 cities, New York City and London are ranked as Alpha World Cities ++, whereas Hong Kong, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing are Alpha World Cities +

My favourite skylines (random):-

HONG KONG simply the BEST

Hong Kong at night

New York City the Big @pple

Another view of Shanghai

Chongqing, China!

Metro Manila, Philipines

Asia's New York, Sydney

Seoul, the 'fastest' city in the world.

Pearl of the Orient - Penang

Tokyo tower from far

Dubai. Burj Dubai, the world tallest tower in construction!

metro KL

KL night scene

Small nation can do wonders - Singapore

In Asia, it's indisputable Hong Kong has the best skyline while Shanghai catching up fast. While others like European nations have their very unique style of skyline.

Simply just a post about my interest into skyline & city, do share with me what you think!


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