About Me

Hi. Welcome to my blog.

I'm Wei Chean and you can call me Wilson.

A picture worths thousand of words. I will use as little words as possible to let you know about me more =)


with my childhood hero, batman. still my hero now
i didn't know to swim at that time, haha
i like the feeling on the stage, since small

let's golfing?

Thanks to my parents. I had a very happy childhood and proper upbringing. Without their guidances I'm nothing.

My primary  and secondary school life had been very interesting and colourful as well.

Scouting Life

37th Kerian Scout Troop - The Best Team I ever had
Be Prepared - Overnight at school for 1 month to build this bamboo gadget.

Danced for opening ceremony of scout campfire with 1,000 audience

Dancing is my passion. 

Guess which is me? XD

    Exchange to Taiwan 2006 

City-tour at Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
during ASEP 2006
I was very lucky to represent Malaysia in
Asian Student Exchange Programin (ASEP) Kaohshiung 2006

ASEP Conference. Presenting on how to
solve climate issues with my Taiwan partner

Studies...Studies...Studies... Well, in Malaysia education system, it' all about getting A's. Sigh

Class leader for 5S1. My lovely friends =)

SPM official result day. I'm lucky to be a straight A's student
in every government exam. Thanks God.

Matriculation College & Backpacking Life  

This is 1 Malaysia. Good friends of mine in PMC. 

Dancing for Penang Matriculation College New Year Dinner! 

Redang Island retreat after matriculation life

10 times Snorkeling @ lang tengah, redang, perhentian
Jumped into the middle of sea to catch a glimpse of sea turtle!
Is sky the limit?

I like to see people and different things. All circumstances make me to ponder and think more. 

 This is why travel is part of my life. 

Travel fun and cheap, ask me how :P 

15 days backpack life @ Taiwan 

Wilson @ Taipei 101

Lunch with 王伟忠, the most famous
TV producer in Taiwan. My dad's roommate in Taiwan university.
Arranged us to 《我猜》

Can't stop laughing when he speaks! 宪哥 吴忠宪!
Met him personally in 《我猜》 
Pacific Ocean.

8 days backpack @ Singapore 

Orchard Centre
Can human touch the sky? 
Singapore skyline in the background
Universal Studio! 

 From a Pure Science Physics student to a Finance major Business student in USM, I took enough courage to make the decision. Never regretted it. 

Choose what your interest is. And I did. 

The most beautiful campus in West Malaysia. I like USM very much.  

 I always believe that university life should be the best time of life. Academic result is not everything. There are many more... 

And I join a lot of activities and most importantly, people and friends whom I met, events exposed have made me grow... 

AIESEC. This international organisation connects me
with people from all walks of life. NGOs, Vice President of companies, Dato' and great youths worldwide.
People in AIESEC always motivate me to go further.  

Meeting Prime Minister of Malaysia 

Chosen as 1 of the 30 Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia to a
special dinner with PM at Seri Perdana, Putrajaya in August 10'.
Shared with PM my thoughts on current issues 

The many parts of me. Gemini. AB blood type. ENFP person. I'm a person who like to try new things and challenges. 

I do change. In every failure you learn and become a better person. 

Books I bought in school holidays.
Reading has always been my interest.

Study hard, play harder. 

Can be very serious at times.

I can be very funny, at times. Why so serious? Right! Haha

I always believe everyone is equally smart and whatever worthwhile achievements we want in life can be ours, as we awake our giant within. 

I don't know what my tomorrow will be like. As no one knows what happens in the future too. 

However as we walk the right path, and putting great effort in the right things...we will achieve our life targets.

Life is only once, live it without any regret. 

And I'm doing it right now. 

Thank you for coming across in my life. 


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