Sunday, June 06, 2010

It's Sun-day! City Harvest Church + Bukit Timah Serenity + Sexy Marina Bay ! Singapore Day 5 of 8

So it's 5th day in Lion City's Sunday morning!

930am. It's considered quite early for us.

"We're going to church!"

"Huh...You're Christian meh?" 

"No lah, but not necessary a Christian only can go to church mah...and this church is quite unique...must go and have a look!"

So we went to EXPO. 

Colourful EXPO, from google

Huge EXPO, from google

"Ehh...We are going to Church right??! BUT WHY ARE WE HEADING TO CONVENTION CENTRE??"

"Ya lor...some far la" 

YEAH, it is really far from A Beary Good Hostel! 

MRT from Chinatown to EXPO (Far East, almost near Changi Airport, 2 interchange stations) took us about 40 minutes... 

What to do? Sleeeeppp lah! Oink Oink


CHC is the largest non-denominational church in Singapore. Founded by Kong Hee and the church bases its value on Charismatic and Pentecoastal teachings. Read more at the official website & recent news***. 

We're late for 30 min...and once you stepped into the indoor stadium...

Awesome! Just feel the crowd! 

Pastor Kong Hee was preaching charismatically on the stage, with estimated 7,000 people in the hall! 

And we felt like in concert! The singers and live bands were just cool! 


Oh yes...only Jin Yan, Beautrice and I went to the church. 

What happened to Ting Yik???


He didn't want to go to church so pretended to be sick at hostel... know the real reason and his programs go to read his blog! 



After lunch at EXPO, we met Xiao Shu at Stadium new MRT Circle Line. 

He fetched us with Darien (cousin bro), back from kayak-ing at Kallang for Scout training skills and Kara in the car. 

kara beh, photographed by khim khim 

Kara was very cute and shy. She kept silence along the way...wondering why suddenly papa got to fetch 2 jie jie and wei chean?

pic google

We visited National University of Singapore (NUS) where my Xiao Shu used to study there. 

He drove us a round there and the campus was just...MODERN and BEAUTIFUL! It's very green and some of the buildings are very FUTURISTICS. Many buildings are like National Library style. *See my post Day 3 at Bugis

Subway, MCD, Burger King...all are inside the campus! 

Malaysian local u students...can you imagine there's MCD at our hostel cafe? 

No wonder it's Asia top 3. Good ambience, international exposure, quality lecturers and well management...

Memang betul no matter where you are in Singapore, you want to compare it with  Malaysia. How to compare? Stark contarst!

from right, xiao shu, beautrice, kara, jin yan

Xiao Shu bought us Teo Chew kuih from East Coast. Teo Chew lang jiak teo chew kuih...

Kara, after some time mingled together...not shy anymore...haha

Together Kara and 2 jie jie went to swimming pool! 

Kara, Xiao Shu & Me

Xiao Shu & Xiao Shen (she's a lovely singaporean) 

The weather was real hot! So...the best thing to do would be swimmin...with Kara!



Xiao Shu drove us back to Chinatown in evening. After a hot shower bath at hostel, we proceed! 

We had "pang gi you dua kor" (teochew), cheap and big dinner at Chinatown 珍珠坊!

There's a huge chinese food court. One big bowl of tasty mee soup just costs $2.50.

I even stumbled upon with a Singapore's celebrity star! I actually knocked him accidentally...forgot his name but most of us have seen him before in Media Corp TV series. He's always the 坏男人,偷吃者, family black sheeps...haha...Beautrice & JY laughed non stop. 



Singapore's Durian ~ The Esplanade, theaters on the bay! 

To watch world class art performances, come here! 


Sunset at Marina Bay. It's very mesmerizing...take a deep breath here and you feel relaxed....

The skyline is more charming with Vincent & Paula! Lengzai from Bangkok and Singapore's lenglui. 

Beautrice's heart must be broken twice seeing this pic =P




Among the 3 pics...which one do you like best? 

Yes, every of us knows Marina Bay Sands. But did you know that it's world 2nd costliest casino? 

Marina Bay Sands features three 55-storey hotel tower and all connected by 1 hectare Sky Park.

There're also Theater Block, Convention and Exhibition Centre, Casino Block and Art - Science Museum...some are under construction but everything is just...a masterpiece. 

Raffles Hotel (year 1887), brother to Penang's Eastern & Oriental (year 1885). 

We just sat and enjoyed the skyline...

Beau:" Without Thai's ok...I still got Jin Yan!!!" 

Beside the Esplande, there's an open-air live performing centre.

Singers performing in remembrance of MJ. 

On the way to The Sands, we bought this ice-creammm. $1, anyone?

We gotta walk through this world 1st Helix Bridge...




Yes, Helix Bridge design is from our DNA structure. 

Creative right?

Finally...we reached! At the time our legs were pain...wei...we walked about 10km per day! 

Here we met up with Ting Yik, he had an interesting day as well!

But all our tiredness gone when we stepped into the casino  (outside casino)

We're still 20...too young to be there! ><

Shopping centre at The Sands, still in construction. 

When it's 100% completed...

Marina Sands Hotel ! 

I would rate it 6 stars! You can feel the grand & class atmosphere. 

You can just easily meet CEOs, top bankers there. 

Singapore Flyer! It makes the already-beautiful skyline even more attracting! 

The Merlion, with Fullerton Hotel and CBD at the back! 

Sexy skyline! 

And in're motivated to be rich...not just rich but damn rich! 

You have the penny you spend it! 

All of us overly indulged in the night view....and...opppss...

we gotta run all the way to catch the last MRT! 

12:03am, my watch read when we reached the hostel! 

The best thing in A Beary Good Hostel, you can really meet up with a lot of new friends!

Celebrated birthday with sweet couple from Malaysia! lai xi ya! 

 So...tomorrow...would it be a Monday Penguins ???

Stay Tune!!! =P 


Joan said...

i thought ting yik was really sick...haha...and i read through his blog,he went through the same roads for twice... :P

i prefer the 3rd pic...i mean during the night time one...nice view!

and Kara's really cute!!
sure a pretty gal when she grows up. =)

Joan said...
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