Saturday, October 23, 2010

Uniquely Penang


The first trading post in the far east, Penang was founded by Sir Francis Light in 1786 and soon became one of the most important ports in Asia.

From European seasafers to traders from India, China and the Middle East; each new arrival left their mark here, creating what UNESCO World Heritage committee described as "...a unique architecture and cultural townscape without parallel anywhere in the East and Southeast Asia"

This rich and authentic tapestry of cultures, color, and colonial heritage makes a unique Penang.

Well, Penang is not as developed as KL and Singapore, but quoted from an article in The Edge;

"if Penang started to look like Klang Valley or other big city, then it would lose its own charm..."

Its nice food, greenery, beaches, not-so-hectic lifestyle yet a modern city make it the most popular choice in MM2H program.

The Video

My Scout Senior, an awesome photographer David Thian who works with top models like Amber Chia, produced this video "Uniquely Penang Island"

This video should be promoted even as tourism purposes !

The film was shot in black and white scene without any dialog and selected few remarkable locations which strongly represent Penang Island originally.

The “Moon Seeker” played by a mysterious man, visiting historical sites and landmarks of Penang Island, while holding white balloons and releasing in designated locations, to represent L.O.V.E and peace toward human kind and mother earth.

The black and white scene is to show the support towards energy saving. The non dialog represents the support toward less noise pollution from industries. And the white balloon is to show the support of saving our mother earth from pollution.

Through this video, you'll see beautiful Penang in different level.

This video is permitted to publish at


Director: Davidthian
Videographer: Alan Khor
Lighting and Editing: Geoffrey Leow
Assistant: Allicia Sim.
Song: Pink Martini - Hang on Little Tomato

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Road Not Taken - Decision Making is "many thing"

2010 2010 !

This poem played in my mind out of middle of no where.

And it's one of my favourite poems of all time.

This's not a motivation post or whatsoever! Get enough of that! LOL!

"How many decisions you have to make each day?" So many. When you've many choices then sakit kepala more.

GOOGLE Road Not Taken always come out with this...

And then thought of putting this...since hot news is about the take-over of PLUS...LOL

But at last still like this most...Haha...I guess this kind of road wasn't there during Robert Frost's time :P

Read this for few time, trust me will get the real meaning inside ;-)

The Road Not Taken Robert Frost (1874–1963)

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth; 5

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same, 10

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back. 15

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Many said communication skill is the key to success. Yes I do agree. But to me, decision making is somehow more important.

Who we are today are the result of decisions made 3 years back. Choices we make today will decide who we are tomorrow.

We Cannot Want ALL. When you gain something, you sure will lose something.

It's always about making decisions. And make a right one.

A girl chooses over 2 boys (vice versa :P)? STPM or College? To go to WAR? Build 100-stories Tower or not? Work or resign? 1 or 2? YES or NO?

Chinese idiom is very true also 一失足成千古恨. A wrong decision might bring disaster.

Whatever it's, be willing to make decision. If you know more ways to make effective decision, do share with me too! ;-)

with L.O.V.E.

Monday, October 11, 2010

"What Changes You Want to See in this World" - Inspiring Messages from Great Leaders & Friends on 10.10.10. - A day of Perfect Ten. - 十全十美!

Yes, on this auspicious day of 10.10.10, I wanna do something special in my blog.

For the first time in, I've the honor to have 12 awesome individuals to share their few words of wisdom in my blog. They have, in different way, come across to my life as well made a positive impact to community, organisations and own circle of friends!

We often talk about dissatisfaction in life. But, "What Changes You Wanna See in This World?"

Here they share their views :-

1. ChenChow Yeoh

A name which doesn't need much introduction especially to the youths & JPA Scholars. Founder of, Chairman of Cornell Alumni Admission Ambassador Network (CAAAN) Malaysia and currently working as Product Manager in He has inspired a lot of youths!

"Empowered youths step up to shape the world and be counted"

2. Michael Teoh Su Lim

Winner of Microsoft Imagine Cup. Invited to Googleplex and Stanford to give speeches. Represented Malaysia in "One Young World Summit" in the UK and interviewed by BBC and CNN. His achievements can go as long and he's just 23. Now working as a Outreach Division Head in MyHarapan.

" I want to see the younger generation of people in our world, being guided, recognised and empowered to make a difference to the world. "

Environmental conservation, combating deadly diseases, eradicating hardcore poverty and social unrest, are huge issues to tackle, but as youths, with our bold, energy and aspirations, we can make that change happen, a little at a time.

"We just need to believe. I want to see that world! "

3. Wilson Ng Wai Soon

Local Committee President of AIESEC USM, Malaysia. LCP of the world-largest youth run organization and he provides a life-changing experiences to many.

" I want to see people believing that a better world environment is actually very much possible, being holistically, physically and virtually "

4. Kathy Houng

From New Jersey. Graduate of Cornell University. Currently in a 1-year volunteer internships at WABA (World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action), Penang. A very friendly and visionary girl, who can sit down and talk with you for few hours with a cup of beer.

"I think change needs to come from a humble willingness to accept that there are multiple ways to build communities, bridge relationships, mobilize people. One thing I would want to see is an increase in intergenerational dialogue and productive collaboration."

5.Ng Shao Yao

We knew each other like at 4, 5 years old. My very good childhood friend. Now a JPA Scholar at Germany.

"It would great that there will be no war from now on and we humans with different skin color,social background etc will start to love each others.

But both you and i both knw tat this is just a great dream.there will be always war in this world.

People need to change first to solve the problem but our selfishness and the reality always stop us from doing that."

6. Steve Ong Wei Siang

Engineering student. But a Forex trader & share investor. Organizing Committee President for MyLDS (Malaysia Leaderships Development Seminar) 2010.

"Everything happen for a reason. I hope the world can complain less, and being able to look for the good reasons behind every bad incident"

Add his group "Malaysia Youth Traders Club" at Facebook.

7. Florence Ho

Accounting undergraduate! My lovely sis! :P Visit her blog to know more about her

" I want a world which we can realize our dreams in reality; and love rules the world and keep violence out of place"

8. Lee Zheng Cong

My good bro since primary school. We've been rival, learning partner and chased after same girl. :P We both set each other as benchmark. He's now the President for AMSA UKM (Asian Medical Student Association)

"I want to see people believing in what can they do to make better world: one's strength may be minute, but when combined, we can create miracle, where dreams are possible.=)cheers"

9. Kristinah K.Krishnasamy

AIESEC USM Talent Management Manager 09/10. A very friendly girl who I always like to talk to.

"I want each and everyone in this world be aware of the current reality of our earth, stop being selfish, leave something for our future generation. :)"

10. Nguyen Vi Gia

Interns from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She lives up to her dreams.

"It would be nice to have more people believing in the future, believing in what they are doing. For sure: things will take a turn for the better. :)"

11. Charlene 샬 린 Chen

She went Korea for exchange to achieve her dreams. An AIESECer from UKM.

"I want more youths today to realize that they had the power to move things differently and make changes in different aspects. Youths in Malaysia and in Korea (probably Asian countries) are too shutting themselves into a small world, most just realizing their duty as a normal student (study, get good grades etc).

Youths are the most important assets with fresh ideas, able to move them into solutions,provided they believe they have the power to make changes."

12. Shannon Chow

Vice President of Taylor's University College Student Council. A trendy Blogger.

"I want to see people starting to care not only for themselves but for others, people who are innovative and constantly moving adapting to make changes instead of complaining, these people would then inspire others and more follow hence making the world a better place =)"


I thank all of them sincerely of supporting my special post.

We always want to change something.

Who doesn't want a better life? Who doesn't want a better world?

But, how many have voiced out and started the actions?

There're a lot more awesome individuals, friends and coursemates I met along my journey. This blog will serve as a platform of sharing...and yes...there're people out there who really making the changes! Let's start ours now! :))

10.10.10? A day which appears only in thousand of years?

But...... isn't everyday is a unique day - which happens only once in a life time? :)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Wilson is tracking his Blogger Statistics

Hello world! I'm back in blogging mood again, and this time is to review my blog's traffic and sharing! 

Last Friday nite, I went to Blogfest Asia welcoming dinner at QE II by Malaysia Ministry of Tourism with blogger Xuxu. Blogfest Asia is a 3-days Blog Festival held in Penang with bloggers from all over Asia. 

All pics are credited to (c) xuxu 

This's my 3rd time to
QE II on the sea. The exotic cuisines free buffet and Heineken just made my day! :))

Many ask:"
Is Facebook or Twitter a treat to Blogging? Emergences of micro-blogging like Twitter, Plurk, Buzz and etc saw less active blog updates. Or is it a opportunity? Which opens up to more traffic, sharing and accessibility?" 

It depends. Answer varies from each individual. 

For me, it's definitely an OPPORTUNITY! 

Draft Blogger has made our life easier in tracking our blog traffic, and it's time for me to do a review too! Social media is all about attracting people to read, agree to that :)

Today's traffic 

Traffic over the past 1 month. 

I don't update frequently but thanks God previous posts still attracting the audience.

In blogging, keywords & topics of interest are most important. If you write good content which people need, Google will bring them here. 

Try to type "USM Management Society, USM Intake 2010, Wall Street Money Never Sleep Best Quotes" in Google most probably you will see my blog in the result. 

My "Universal Studio Singapore, Singapore Backpack, Wall Street Money Never Sleep, Olivia Ong" posts top the popular list. 

What I feel content of my blog is the audience from all over the world. Look at the Live Traffic Map, US contributes much of the traffic! 

I started blogging way back to 2006. In between I stopped, blocked and even thought of deleting. But I started everything again on this April. And never looked back again :P 

I got nothing to boast of my traffic as there're a lot more better one out there. Such as those prize-winning blogs in BlogFest Asia. 

But at least, there're people who appreciate my travel logs, writings and sharing! This motivates me to keep improving! :)  XOXO - Can I use this? :P 


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