Saturday, October 23, 2010

Uniquely Penang


The first trading post in the far east, Penang was founded by Sir Francis Light in 1786 and soon became one of the most important ports in Asia.

From European seasafers to traders from India, China and the Middle East; each new arrival left their mark here, creating what UNESCO World Heritage committee described as "...a unique architecture and cultural townscape without parallel anywhere in the East and Southeast Asia"

This rich and authentic tapestry of cultures, color, and colonial heritage makes a unique Penang.

Well, Penang is not as developed as KL and Singapore, but quoted from an article in The Edge;

"if Penang started to look like Klang Valley or other big city, then it would lose its own charm..."

Its nice food, greenery, beaches, not-so-hectic lifestyle yet a modern city make it the most popular choice in MM2H program.

The Video

My Scout Senior, an awesome photographer David Thian who works with top models like Amber Chia, produced this video "Uniquely Penang Island"

This video should be promoted even as tourism purposes !

The film was shot in black and white scene without any dialog and selected few remarkable locations which strongly represent Penang Island originally.

The “Moon Seeker” played by a mysterious man, visiting historical sites and landmarks of Penang Island, while holding white balloons and releasing in designated locations, to represent L.O.V.E and peace toward human kind and mother earth.

The black and white scene is to show the support towards energy saving. The non dialog represents the support toward less noise pollution from industries. And the white balloon is to show the support of saving our mother earth from pollution.

Through this video, you'll see beautiful Penang in different level.

This video is permitted to publish at


Director: Davidthian
Videographer: Alan Khor
Lighting and Editing: Geoffrey Leow
Assistant: Allicia Sim.
Song: Pink Martini - Hang on Little Tomato


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