Wednesday, November 07, 2007

See ya SMJK

Today is a truly special day.

For the entire form 5 members of this big family.

We had a first ever "pemohonan restu".

Every each of us appreciated the dedication and guidances by our
parents, teachers and friends.

Without them we wouldn't be what we are today.

We blessed to God,
We blessed to parents,
We blessed to teachers,
to get a peaceful and tranquil mind.

What means so much is,
today is the last time in our life to stay in class as a student.
Next Monday we will be candidates for SPM.

Sometimes, I just can't fathom why,
I like this school very much.
Very much indeed.

In the not too distant future when I succeed,
I will come back, do whatever I can for this school.

SMJK Krian. My school.


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