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New Website at - Bye Blogger I still love you though :)

I've been blogging using this site for almost 5 years since 2006 - and I like blogger for its simplicity and features :)

However it's time for me to move on, as blogger is just not the permanent place for me.

Visit proudly hosted by Exabytes. It's much more complicated as it's a domain :-)

currently-no-title will still remain as no title, still thinking whether to transfer all the posts to new website :P

Cheers for life!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Youth Jam 2011- The Largest Youth Event in Penang - 28 events for you to shine!

The vision of Youth Jam is to serve the purpose of impacting young Malaysians withentrepreneurship, creativity and technology enhancements.

With more than 10,000 youths flooded Penang Timesquares on the 29th - 30th August 2010, jamming the roads and roared when the clock stoked 12 midnight - It was Youth Jam 2010 which held for the 2nd time.

Youth Jam 09' & 10' took place in Penang Timesquares. And on 4 - 5 June 2011, Youth Jam 2011 will be at Penang Timesquares again! (c)

Press Conference (Youth Jam 2010) headed by Deputy Minister at KDU College

Dancing Competition (Youth Jam 2010) (c)

Cheerleading competition (Youth Jam 2010)

Youths in Penang (Youth Jam 2010)

Dato' Saifuddin, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Ginger, Jazz, Datin & Michael Teoh (Youth Jam 2010)

Dato' in action - Basketball 3-3 - This year, we'll have Ping Pong Competition!

Countdown for Merdeka! (Youth Jam 2010)


So, what do we have for Youth Jam - Say Yes to Youth 2011?

This year, Youth Jam - Say Yes to Youth 2011 sets to impact Penang and the nation with bigger and larger activities - targeting to impact more than 30,000 youths with 28 events from April to June.

All the information & registration are in

Few events already took place in April. I'll summarize all the events with the date in my post so all is clear in one glance.

Check out which are the brands with us! (c)

It's a LONG POST - Just scroll it patiently if you don't wanna miss any awesome event!

MAY 2011

2nd May 2011 - 8th May 2011 Kong Guan Weekly Give Aways !

Exclusive design in limited edition, hand-made Crystal Bracelet. Matching its style with slender wrist. Grab this chance to win yourself this exclusive product by simply signing up for our Q&A Questions

5th -Sony Blogger Fest

100 Exclusive Sony Goodies Bags give away to first 100 blogposts on "My Experience with Sony Cybet Shot"

5th -Exabyte Best Youth Website/Blog Award

Exabytes is searching for an outstanding youth with the best website and blog creation.

Choose any of the 3 category to participate in:
i. Best Content Award
ii. Best Food Blog Award
iii. Best Design Blog Award


  1. Best Content Award: RM500 + Exabytes 2 Year Xstudent Hosting For Free
  2. Best Food Blog Award: RM500 + Exabytes 2 Year Xstudent Hosting For Free
  3. Best Design Blog Award: RM500 + Exabytes 2 Year Xstudent Hosting For Free

5th -Graphic Design Competition

Come out with a graphic design A4 JPEG mode RGB; Theme "Say Yes to Youth"


1st-RM500 worth of cash & products+ National Certificate
2nd-RM300 worth of cash & products+National Certificate
3nd-RM200 worth of cash & products+National Certificate

7th (8am - 1pm) "Love Malaysia"Public Speaking Challenge


“Towards A Sustainable Penang: How can we achieve this goal?”

14th (9am - 6pm) -BarCamp

Another international event happening again in Penang!

What is BarCamp? Directly quoted from Wikipedia: BarCamp is an international network of user generated conferences — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants.

Limited to only 200 participants and speakers ! So sign up now ! All participants will be given a FREE Domain host from Exabytes worth of RM200

20th (3pm-5pm) -3R: Trash to Treasure Project

This project aims to facilitate young people with the knowledge of green issues and change! Limited to only 200 participants and speakers ! So sign up now ! All participants will be given a FREE Domain host from Exabytes worth of RM200

Awesome speakers for this 3R event - Mr. Don & wife Mylene - The media calls them Green Crusaders

20th (5.30pm-7pm) -Cyber Crime Law Workshop

Do you know that by having two Facebook accounts is an offence?

The Youth Jam’11-Cyber Crime Law Workshop will equip young people with knowledge about the current social media platforms that they are engaged with. A professional lawyer will be the speaker for this workshop.

JUNE 2011

Finale Leading up to Youth Jam'11 (4th and 5th at Penang Times Square)

4th (10am-10pm)

Young Entrepreneur Bazaar + Food Fair

A platform for vendors to sell foods and do business. 2 table , 4 chair, electrical usage and accessing to the facilities in Penang Times Square are provided.

Vendors are to share 20% profit earned as for the rental of the booth

Lucky Draw: Star Cruise Tickets, SONY Products and
Hampers worth of RM10,000 ups for grabs for lucky draw

Youth Talent Search

What's your talent? Let's show up and shine :P Audition has been held at Upper Penang Road, KDU College Penang, Disted College Penang, RedBox 1st Avenue, RedBox Gurney Plaza, Penang Timesquares

Sony Photography Competition

Open to all Malaysian and foreign visitors. All photographs must be taken within Youth Jam 11 Event locality only. Participants must bring their own camera and equipments

Theme: The Best Reaction on the Youth Jam 11 event

Grand Prize: SONY DSLR-A390L
Second Prize: SONY DSLR-A290L

Rubik's Competition

Let's break the record through the fun Rubik's Cube!

Award: 1st-RM300 worth of Hampers
2nd-RM200 worth of Hampers
3rd-RM100 worth of Hampers

Cheerleading Workshop

Join Vivacious in this Youth Jam'11 - Cheerleading Workshop. Learn outstanding stunts and flip flops !

Sony Dance Fair

Watch & Dance together with the professionals & friends!

4pm - 4.15pm Danzity Dance House
15pm - 4.30pm IIlearn Dance Studio
4.30pm - 4.45pm Fresh Beat Academy
4.45pm - 5pm Myshape Fitness Studio
5pm - 5.15pm Let's Dance
5pm - 7pm Friendly Battle & Open Dance Floor

Table Tennis Competition

Single: 3 game 2 win, 11 balls per match


1st-RM500 worth of cash and products + National Cert
2nd-RM300 worth of cash and products + National Cert
3rd-RM200 worth of cash and products + National Cert

Drawing Competition (Starts at 12pm)

Theme: YOUTH are the TREASURE
Participant(s) MUST prepared OWN materials. The drawing paper (130gsm Art Paper) will be provided by The Organizer. Duration given: 3 hours

1st-RM500 worth of cash and products + National Cert
2nd-RM300 worth of cash and products + National Cert

3rd-RM200 worth of cash and products + National Cert

Animax Cosplay Competition (11am - 7pm)

Dress up as a Cosplayer!

The cosplay competition is split into two categories: Solo and Group (Max 4)

Cosplayers are allowed to cosplay any character from the following genre:

Anime, Manga, Games, Movies, J-pop/rock (with specific title)

Original cosplays are not allowed.

Prizes worth of RM3,000 ups for grabs and a chance to be on Animax Astro !

Sony DJ workshop (Registration Opening Soon)

Star Cruise T-shirt Design Competition

Design Theme – Out Here, Fun Rules

Design is to be submitted for both male and female POLO T-Shirt

Award: RM4,000 worth of Star Cruise 4D3N cruise to Phuket & Krabi!

Sony Graffiti Competition (3pm - 7pm)


Design of the graffiti artwork must portrayed a youthful lifestyle with Sony Walkman or cyber-shot. It must also show the excitement to reflect the carnival or festivity mood.

ChunWoei, Founder and Creative Director of Urban-Cr3atures. (Penang)
Terry Neoh, Founder of
Sean Lee, Founder and Designer of Shabowl Brothers
Shazril, Graphic Designer
Zew Wey, Professional Street Artist (KL)
Kenji Chai, Founder and Designer of BlackFryday (KL)
Representative from Youth Jam/Sony Malaysia.

1st-RM500 worth of cash and products + National Cert
2nd-RM300 worth of cash and products + National Cert
3rd-RM200 worth of cash and products + National Cert

Arm Wrestling Competition

1. Left hand middle weight (below 70KG)
2. Left hand heavy weight (more than 70KG)
3. Right hand middle weight (below 70KG)
4. Right hand heavy weight ( more than 70KG)

Prizes: (for all category) 1st Hamper worth RM300 + Medal 2nd Hamper worth RM200 + Medal
3rd Hamper worth RM100 + Medal

5th (10am-10pm)

Sony Photography Competition
Rubik's Competition

*Above details are the same as on the 4th - They are 2-day event*

Sony Treasure Hunt

Theme: YOUTH are the Treasure

Limited to the maximum of 100 teams ONLY
Please bring EXTRA clothes for this event

1st - RM 1000 worth of cash and products + National Cert
2nd - RM 800 worth of cash and products + National Cert
3rd - RM 500 worth of cash and products + National Cert

Who can finish secret recipe cakes the fastest?

1st-RM300 worth of Secret Recipe Vouchers
2nd-RM200 worth of Secret Recipe Vouchers
3rd-RM100 worth of Secret Recipe Vouchers

Time given: 8 minutes per showcase

You must register as a TEAM (MAX 4 Persons)

1st-RM1000 worth of cash and products + National Cert
2nd-RM800 worth of cash and products + National Cert
3rd-RM500 worth of cash and products + National Cert

It's a coffee drinking competition!

1st-(Cash Voucher RM100+Hampers)
2nd-(Cash Voucher RM50+Hampers)
3rd-(Cash Voucher RM25+Hampers)
Consolation Prizes- (Cash Voucher RM10+Hampers)

Pen Spining Showcase (Registration Opening Soon)
Beatbox Showcase (Registration Opening Soon)
Opening Stage (Registration Opening Soon)
Youth Technology Impact In Rural Areas (Coming Soon)


Click on for more info & REGISTER NOW!

REGISTRATION DATELINE for most of the events on 4th, 5th June is 11:50[m (GMT +8) 21 May, 2011 (Saturday)

"Youths are Leaders of Today"

Thursday, May 05, 2011

BE THE CHANGE - Calling to 500 Malaysia's Young Leaders to join Youth Nation Summit 2011

I don't simply share event in my blog. If I share, it's an event which you will gain a lot & must not miss :P  

So, what's up for this time? 

I personally am very excited and look forward to this very promising summit - this is when AIESEC in Malaysia & myHarapan come together. 


Youth Nation Summit 2011 is an event organized under the Power of Y, an initiative that incorporates the best of youth leadership, practical industry knowledge and experience through a series of events and programs.


A platform that gathers 500 Malaysian Youth Leaders who are passionate and dedicated to making positive changes in their communities and in the world. 


Some of the highlights of the summit are Sustainability Expo, Leadership Activation, Skills Workshops, Youth to Business Forum, Youth to Government Forum, Youth Defined CSR Programs and Project Pitching where 20 selected youth leaders pitch their community-development initiatives for financial supports (training for pitching will be provided to the selected youth leaders prior to the summit).


Date: 28th – 31st May 2011
Venue: University of Malaya
Delegate fee: Fully Sponsored (FREE)
Application Form: Download from 
Application Deadline: 10 May 2011, 11.59PM (GMT +8) 


AIESEC is the world‟s largest youth-run organization with over 60 years of experience in developing high-potential youths into global-minded responsible leaders. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC enables its members the opportunity to participate in international internships, experience leadership and interact with a global network to support their development. For more information on AIESEC, visit

myHarapan [“my hope” or “harapan ku”] is a Youth Trust Foundation that supports youth and youth projects that contribute to the social economy of Malaysia by providing platforms and opportunities. Much has been said about nurturing the youth as future leaders, but these "future leaders" are very often not given the opportunity to voice out their views, to develop their social initiative projects, for the betterment of our country. This is where myHarapan steps in. For more information on myHarapan, visit


Stay connected at Facebook page

APPLY NOW at before 10, May 2011 1159pm(GMT +8)


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