Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Prettiest - Uglist - Largest - Crowdest - Spiciest - Chapter 4 of 8

It's DAY 4 ! 

Middle of the 8 days long trip, it's the most tiring time and actually we gotta charge energy ...

So we got the power from the BEH --- BEAR !  

It's lovely when you see bears anywhere...in the Beary Good Hostel ! Surely will stay again if I visit SG!


Chinatown is very strategic! Guess what? Just 5 min MRT from Vivo! 

Vivocity is located opposite of Sentosa Island! You can see Resort World in the near horizon

Oh yes...I was very tired that day...my small enough jay chou rain sexy eyes became even smaller =P

Singapore Port at the other side!  

Vivo Vivo ! Lots of shopping malls in Singapore! 

Singapore is very smart! 

Almost every shopping malls attract big crowds! 

Vivocity, Bugis Junction, Iluma, Orchard, Suntec Mall & etc --- all well-connected by MRT ! 

If you want to pak tor or shopping there no need car, just take a MRT and you can go to a lot of happening & romantic places! 

IMAGINE our KL LRT connects 1 U, Sunway Pyramid, Midvalley, Pavilion, KLCC all in the same line ? 

Penang Monorail to bring you to Gurney Plaza, 1st Avenue, Timesquares & Queensbay ? 

Memang syok-lah macam ni!

Log in to http://www.dengjiujiu.com to realise

Vivocity is also connected to Singapore Cruise Centre.

Star Virgo to Hong Kong, anyone?

Wilson:" Singapore is really beautiful..."

Ting Yik:" Haha...yup! But not this! See the flowers? This is the 1st ugly design I see in Singapore!"


Bread History, Rotiboy ---then--- Bread Talk!


Inside KOPITIAM got tu bak but BANQUET is 100% halal

Jacky Chan the best cook ! 

And I ordered my Fish Head Bee Hon --- yummy --- can fight with Cheras one 

Jacky Chan Fish Soup won the President's award! No wonder tasted so nice! Shi Fu! 

Cendol for dessert, for this time --- Penang cendol is better! 

We walked and walked in the Vivocity ---and came across with this;

"What?! Earthquake in the bookstore???!!!" 

Look at the design! So creative!

It's Page One @ Vivo and it's really nice

We spent about 4 hours + in Vivocity and yes we did explore every corner of it.

Since we got nothing else to buy and the gals wanna keep shopping, Ting Yik and I went to our next desti 

------ LITTLE INDIA ! 

The unique smell pervading in the air welcomes you to Little India !

Of course a lot of Indians there! It's quite similar to Georgetown's Little India. 

This pic was taken at a bus stop. Every bus lines are shown clearly in the illustrated map! This is really cool! 


Oh yeah, Beautrice & Jin Yan couldn't wait for this moment! 

630pm! They were going to meet secondary good friend!

You can feel the charms of the city when dusk falls 

Great Eastern HQ, just opposite our buffet restaurant

Imperial Skye Gardens Hotpot City serves the best Chong Qing style steamboat 

Wong Kia Fu in the house! Beau and JY classmate in Jit Sin High School, now pursuing Civil Engineering in Ngee Ann Poly. 

The way he talks and acts already half a Singaporean! LOL

He recommended us to this Chong Qing style steamboat.

The best thing here is the decent ambience, yeah...nowadays people want steamboat with air-con...no more sweating profusely...

It costs $20 per person.

We chose the Scallop soup and the Ma La soap.

The scallop soup was GOOD! Barely no taste of MSG, and comes with few scallops & flavorful.

However the Ma La soup is too spicy and we had to scoop out the oil on top.

But medium rare beef + Ma La soup = PERFECTio Matchia ! Delightsss taste-buds... XD

Finished everything! Tomorrow you will know! 


Ohh yeah...Orchard at nite is totally different experience. Atmosphere was great and you felt like almost all the youngs and olds thronged into the long stretch of famous road. 

Orchard Central @ Night 

Any questions about your Singapore trip? Step inside to ask friendly and beautiful officers  (so far all I met were pretty)

McDonald's Milk Shake! Malaysia MCD don't have this

ION Orchard at night! The LEDs illuminate the most famous landmark. 


World Cup is coming! You can feel the fever on the street! 

Me:" I'm going to wear slipper out tonight"
Ke Xin:" What?! Go change your shoes la" 

Haha..it's funny!

Yeah, sometimes at a standard of travelling you would just wear simple Tshirt + slipper and walk. Don't care too much. 

Easy come easy go. 

Last stop of the night! Wheelock Place!

Public library?

Free latest magazines to read 

Haha. It's Borders @ Wheelock Place !

What! Bookstore again? 

Faint *******  


Joan said...

*like* =)

how much u guys spent for the 8 days trip in singapore?

just feel like i must have a travel like u la...it's really FUN la...*envy-ing*

keep updating la... =)

Beh Wei Chean said...

haha..joan! glad u enjoy the reading..just bit of sharing =D

i just spent abt RM1,200 total trip + air ticket, 8 days u know! haha, u can refer to post "when i was 19"; i got write about budget there,

more details to come! stay tune!

xuannie said...

Beh Wei Chean. Heloowwww. :) I mean slow poke. Ohhhh and you have 4 more posts to go! Please don't be so perasan. Jay Chou & Rain's eyes memang SEXY. But you are not. that is why you strike it off right? bwahaahhah! Haih. The buildings there memang unique. It's like a book city in s'pore. Everywhere there's bookshops and books. Why is there japanese people leaving comment in their japanese language which we don't understand at all??? *weird* Good night lah.

Beh Wei Chean said...

haha..i know myself best...dont b jealous la! =P

yeah...u certainly will like sg! i can just spend one day sitting down to read books...hehe

ya lo..i google translate them all unrelated @@ my blog got so popular meh?

Wendee said...

malaysia mcd got milkshake! i just got one in midv =P

Beh Wei Chean said...

ohh.. not every mcd got rite..hehe...thanks for the info Wendee! =D

Japheth Lim Gene-Harn said...

WEndee =P how you go to know wilson =P hahaha.

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