Friday, December 31, 2010

19 things I did in 2010

19 things I did in year 2010.

1. Dancing Performance in USM

Finally in my 2nd year, I realized my dream to perform dancing in USM. It's a korean dance by the way! You know I like dancing so much.

2. Became a PPSL (Pembimbing Program Siswa Lestari)

a.k.a. facilitator for fresh juniors. This is the turning point of my university life, and ever since then I became very busy (according to Yee Leng:- busy = got something important to do) :P

3. Grew together with East Summit Wealth Management

Thanks to Xuxu, I met mentor Soon Lee whom advices are definitely worth to listen. Maybe, this is one of the better choices to escape the rat-race.

4. Took up position as a Manager/Director in AIESEC

To be precise, is Exchange Manager in Non-Corporate Relation Department. My amazing group and I had the opportunities to meet people from all walks of life, practiced management theories and are positive change agents =P Of course lots of works, but lots of fun!

5. Elected as NYDP 1/ Vice President of Majlis Penghuni Desasiswa (MPD Tekun)

To be honest, it's not easy to become student rep of 2,000 college residents. A lot of bureaucratic and work effectiveness have to be dealt with, I wish I can still bring changes to this organisation.

EYLN (Entrepreneurship & Youth - A Learning Network) at UKM

One Night Stand at AIESEC Malaysia Award Night @ Johor Bahru

Malaysia Leaderships Development Seminar (MyLDS) @ UTM

6. A year of awesome conferences

AIESEC national conferences, as usual, are amazingly awesome. I landed in Johor soil for the 1st time in my life for MyLDS. And officially I've traveled to all the states in Penisular Malaysia!

Youth Defined: ETP/GTP @ KL - My 1st ever conference to do research and discussed about Malaysia Economic Policies.

7. Met Prime Minister of Malaysia

Thanks to MyHarapan Foundation & Michael Teoh as I was chosen as 1 of the 30 to attend special dinner with the PM at Seri Perdana, Putrajaya. Managed to share my thoughts on current issues with PM.

Met my respected Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing and Vice-Chancellor of Sunway University too!

*Last pic - Got personal endorsement from Dato' Saifuddin, Deputy Minister of Higher Education for my project at Youth Jam 10' Penang Timesquares.

8. Awards time! A lucky year =)

Won Catur Bistari (Cash Flow Competition) and represented to university level at UPM.

Champion team for L'Oreal Brandstorm Competition USM Selection - SOM Challenge

The best motivator AIESEC in USM - I'm personally very happy for getting this prize. Always
wanted to inspire people and I did it =)

1st Runner Up Marketing Competition in Management Week with 2 great teammates - Oh, still haven't had our dinner treat? :P

9. Became Master of Ceremony

Really nice experiences as MC in School of Management Investment Quiz & Kung Fu Club Appreciation Night at Evergreen Hotel!

Next stop - Kung Fu Night 2011 at Dewan Sri Penang!

10. Interviewed DUREX

For our assignment of course. Guess what, we got lots of free condoms! Message me if you want one :P

11. Met my sexy lady - Marilyn Moore at Universal Studio Singapore

12. Celebrated 20th Birthday at Clarke Quay. Thanks Ting Yik, Beau & Yan =) Let's plan our 3rd backpacking trip! Expect to have more people this time XD

13. Fund-raising for my secondary school - SMJK Krian to build 3 5-storey buidings

Graduates 2007 are just awesome. We managed to collect our targeted amount in just 4 days!

Now total fund raised is RM3.6M, still lack RM1.4M for a total of RM5M.

14. Threw Mudballs into Tasik Harapan

I was in the publicity team and yes, after months of hard works Tasik Harapan is cleaner now. Effective Microorganism really works!

15. Improved my movie editing skills

Tremendous improvement in my movies editing. Happy. Thanks Softwares of course! :P

2 movies I made recently:-

Grandpa & Grandma 61th Wedding Anniversary [HQ]

A recap of Kaleidoscope - MyLDS 2010 [HD]

16. Learnt Japanese & Hiragana

Well, I did not do well in exam. Haha. But then come across a Japanese hot girl naturally I'm able to talk well. So weird ah! :P

17. Initiated L.O.V.E. with team

Lifting Others through Volunteer Engagement - We set to connect NGOs and youths to make this world a better place. And Yes, we are on path.

18. More family unions

It's definitely a good thing. Grandpa & Grandma wedding anniversary, Uncle 60th birthday, Christmas celebration and etc. Still one word which I don't know describe in English - 家和万事兴

19. Nominated for 1 year scholarships program in the US

Thanks Eric Zhi Ling for introducing me, and helps from all lecturers, professors, secondary teachers, principal and mum&dad support to make this possible.

Hope everything will go smoothly for Washington's side! :-)

These are 19 things in my 2010.

Tomorrow is 2011.


Dalton ~ 小白 said...

well bro, you've definitely grown and done a lot to inspire and change others. Proud of you there and keep up the good works to climb to another epitome of your life in the coming 2011. Get inspired by you a lot too as compared to you it seems I've been rotting away for the past whole year~haha
All the best there, you have my full support~ >.=

Beh Wei Chean said...

Hey bro! You're Malaysia's Genius Record ok! 15 days cycle whole Penisular! I'm proud of you! =)

Dalton ~ 小白 said...

na...compared to yours that is just nut~shall share more thoughts with you when we meet next time ^^

kxkhor said...

Wow, great one man!
You can really inspire me ^^
Keep it up!
What do you mean by East Summit Wealth Management? and what software you use for video editing??

Thx for the great sharing!!

Happy New Year 2011!

Beh Wei Chean said...


Bro! You represented Malaysia to go to Egypt! I really look up to you le!

Haha. East Summit Wealth is a financial planning company =) Can talk to you more if we meet!

It's power director, can try use it

Happy New Year ya!

Japheth Lim Gene-Harn said...

Heyy! nice to post up a recap of all the events =D lol shall really do one soon. Really had a great 2010 year! congratz!

kxkhor said...

Oic, thx ya, bro.

If possible, meet you during CNY ^^

Gud Luck!

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