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A little bit of Me -> Wei

Hello world! I'm back in blogging mood after 3 weeks absent in this space. 

It's very encouraging to see this blog welcomes an average daily traffic of 20-30+ without updating of new posts. To a novice blogger like me, it motivates me to write better posts! 

This time, it's all about myself. And it'll be a short one. *Promise ya gd sis! XD*

Quality goes out of lifestyle. I cannot agree more. We don't have to be a millionaire to enjoy life. 

My 2nd year university life has truly been a busy, dramatic and I shall call it, well, meaningful one. Over the past few weeks I have not really sit down and enjoy the peace of mind. 

So, here I'm. Starbucks @ Borders Queensbay. My favourite weekend past-time in previous semester. 

And this is the 1st time I'm here for this semester. 

For those who close to me know that I love to read. And I read a lot & lovin' it. 

Settling down in the soft sofa, with a cup of caffe mocha (20% discount with Penang Youth Jam 10' Discount Voucher =P ), enjoying the latest magazines and soft music...are just relaxing. 

Time, Newsweek, Penang Economic Monthly, 号外周刊 are the must...  

Besides reading 刘轩 & Lee Kuan Yew new publishes. 

Not bad what you just have to pay RM10 for all these magazines and books which give you knowledges in return. 

And I encountered this very friendly and smart guy, Chin Wei, Senior R&D Engineer in STEC Inc which is the global main player in SSD (Solid-State Drive). SSD is going to replace our bulky hard disk very soon! 

He's not that kind of typical tech guy but is very well-spoken and inspirational. Besides exchanging thoughts on current technology market, economics and real estate news, we do talk about life. 

I always like sea view and the bridge. 

"Sometimes, being alone enjoying the view will make you calm down, and a lot of thoughts coming in; which is a good thing. Life is only once, you can choose to live it happily, why not?", Chin Wei said. 

It's very true. 

Life may not as smooth as you think. Sometimes you don't really expect it to be the outcome. A lot of things happened, and things happened for a reason. Think, what have you learnt and how did you solve the crisis?

Life is all about experiences, different types of stories; good or bad. And I really cherish every part of it.

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies. 

I cherish friendships a lot nowadays. Real one I mean. And I'm proud of what I've done. 

Thanks for my upbringing. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Friends of Tasik Harapan" USM - CIMB Lake Clean-up Initiative. What's EM? Why Mudball?

Yo ppl! Thanks to AIESEC USM coming NGO Festival & Project Management Director I had the chance to meet with Dr.Asha from PPPA (Pejabat Pemajuan dan Perhubungan Alumni) USM, Dr. Anis and representatives from HEP, MPP, MPD, Kelab Alam Sekitar and etc. 

And it's all for a great awesome volunteer project/group "FRIENDS of TASIK HARAPAN"! It's a USM - CIMB Bank Lake Clean-Up Initiative. In short, we want to make Tasik Harapan clean!   

The launching of "FRIENDS of TASIK HARAPAN" will be an exciting event. And if you're a USM student or even staff, have a passion towards environment & sustainability, come join us in this volunteer program! 

pic google

We're going to throw 10,000 EM Mudballs/Mudslides into Tasik Harapan! Just imagine on that day about 300+ students will throw EM balls together with our respected Vice-Chancellor and VIPs. Astro and presses also will report for the activity!  

Event: Launcing of "Friends of Tasik Harapan" & throw 10,000 EM Mudballs

Date: 21 August 2010 (Saturday)

Time: 9am
Venue: Tasik Harapan, USM 
Advantages: It's a voluntary activity, it's about your responsibilities towards the environment. Yet MyCSD & Desa Unit will be given, why not?

"Friends of Tasik Harapan" FB group, blogspot will be ready soon by Gene-harn. You can register yourself through Online as well as Write Name at Kelab Alam Sekitar Booth @ DK G Foyer next Monday (16/8/2010)


So, some people start asking "Why Tasik Harapan"? "What can EM balls do?" "What kind of  technology to be used?" I'll share info from Dr Asha's powerpoint slides & researches. 

USM is passed through by Sungai Gambir to the sea. We've 2 lakes - Tasik Harapan & Tasik Aman... 

"Did you know Tasik Harapan was the retention point after Desa Aman's fire in 1988? It once was the beautiful lake where students can kayak & clean. But today there's algae bloom! A lot of students kena the air and get skin affections!" said Dr Asha, PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. 

There're also a lot of Harapan students who complained "I tak boleh tahan the smell since 1st sem~~~

It was once a beautiful and clean lake. 

from google 

Nowadays, we're can't even kayak there! 

from google 

A lot of people don't know, actually buawak biawak is one of the problems too! 

"So, on 21st August it's in Bulan Ramadhan...We will throw 10,000 EM mudballs into the lake, we want you biawak to puasa as well!" Dr Asha joked 

from google 

Once it's having a heavy rain...tasik harapan & surrounding becomes flooded and this causes inconvenience to students staying nearby. 

Algae Bloom - You can't see the fishes

We are proud of USM being dubbed as "University in a Garden", can we let Tasik Harapan condition to deteriorate?! 

If you can do something to the earth and save the environment, don't you wanna be part of this great movement? 

A lot of researches have been carried out scientifically by professionals from different sectors to make this a successful one. 

And together we will start here at USM Tasik Harapan! We already bought our own BIOREACTOR to produce EMAS (Effective Microorganism Activated Solution) as well as EM Mudballs. 

Key Points:- 

 Tasik Harapan Clean-Up Initiative is sponsored by CIMB with a total amount of RM 120K~

We've 6 months to get show progress and get involvement from as many students as well as staffs! 

We can't hope for just 1 day to clean up all the mess over the years. 

But if you don't start now, it'll be too late.  

We've EM Technology Consultant & EM Technology which has proven huge successes especially in Japan. 

We've faith to succeed as we do it scientifically and with intensive experiments and researches. 

USM has installed this BIOREACTOR at Tasik Harapan. 

EMAS (Effective Microorganism Activated Solution) will be pumped into Tasik Harapan through 10 places all over the lake. 


EM Technology has proven success and it's one of the best, cheapest and sustainable way to clean up river and sea. 

"Millions Apologies to Earth" - throwing millions of EM mudballs at Gurney Drive not long ago. 

Standard Chartered Bank sponsored RM 1M to Zoo Negara to clean up its lake, as well using EM Technology. 

from google 

So this little ugly mudball...can really do wonders? 

from google

Yes, but it's your passion & actions towards environmental sustainability that make real wonders! 

Being part of "Friends of Tasik Harapan", we'll have the chance to learn how to do EM mudballs as well! This's one of the highly sought after skills! Haha

"Did you notice that going green now has become a trend! And in an interview, my pharmaceutical company's boss picked the candidate who can provide sustainable solutions or extra 'green knowledge' for the job, putting academic performance". 

So, let's volunteer for this activity! See you on 21st August 2010 (Saturday) at Tasik Harapan. Register yourself here


I'm not organizing this event but just one of the volunteers & share some info here. 

All the powerpoint slides & info are credited to Dr Asha Suresh Chand [Project Manager]Pejabat Pemajuan dan Perhubungan Alumni, USM. 

“USM is a pioneering, trans-disciplinary research intensive university that empowers future talents and enables the bottom billions to transform their socio-economic well-being” - USM Mission


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