Tuesday, May 18, 2010

EYLN 2010 & KL walk walk - Updates & Entrepreneurship 2.0

Yes I'm back at home after 6 days at KL.

Really had a blast in EYLN (Entrepreneurship - Youths A Learning Network) in UKM, Bangi. My first time to UKM and it's really large. Some more got hutan simpanan in the campus. 3 days 2 nights conferences were held in a relative new lecturer hall. The wifi speed is damn fast and I can tweet anytime!

Now I also understand why a lot of students with private transport in UKM. I should appreciate what I have in USM!

Apart from the EYLN, I memang like to jalan jalan at KL. I like everything about this city except the transport system. It's a mess!

It's my first time to be in Kajang and yes I didn't manage to try the famous satay! Arghhhhh!

Thanks to Ah Boy we stayed in his place @ Sg Besi. Also thanks to Rachel who fetched us at the Kajang bus station.

Second day kia kia at Midvalley & The Gardens. Tried Yellow Laksa @ Nyonya colour

Parit Buntar Pang Long Laksa is definitely better!

Don't try the 黑糯米& nasi rendang ayam there. Try it if you want to know why.

At night, we went to Serdang Raya for the famous Pan Mee! Yes, finally I tried it!


16 May early in the morning we arrived in UKM KTM station --- and here started EYLN! A really cool conference with awesome youths, respected industry leaders & great inputs.

USMers with Derek the OCP, Alia the UMers, Steve MyLDS 10's OCP, Chon Giap the King Scout from PJ

I'm so happy to have Eric, Ah Chuan, Shirley & Hui Chin with me in the conference! Wei Hong from USM also went there! Quite a surprise!

Yes, like MyLDS, in this conference we got to know lots of different people from various nations. All are awesome. We had fantastic faci & delegates from Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Finland and etc! See how much friends we have added in Facebook will know. LOL.

I had my earlier 20th birthday celebration with 100+ people in the house!

All the May babies were invited & this's our cake! First time to have all the delegates singing bday song to me!

Our earlier b'day cake

And also first time to have HAPPY CORNER the @iesec Culture. PAIN arrgh..

But I'm still safe. Still strong! Haha XD

After EYLN, met up with 4gu, dagu, xuannie, frauline, mee shien & jeffrey and dinner @ Soon Fatt at Sri Petaling. The crabs tasted good!

Business on sunday nite

Jalan-jalan at Sunway. And here goes Full House @ Pyramid. I like the design & atmosphere. Nice place to hand out.

Ministry of Sound aka M.O.S. besides Sunway Resort is a better place to enjoy the nite .

Random updates over the past 6 days activities and here back to the topic.

Really had an inspiring sessions with CEO of Green Packet, CC Puan; founder of Alpha Catalyst Azim Pawanchik; Financial fortress coach award winning founder Nazril Idrus; Business director of Harvestnet Nyou Wei Fung; most outstanding youth 2009 AYA Yeoh Chen Chow, Sunway group HR senior managers, co-founder of Maleki GmbH Matthias Gelber and etc.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP *******************

Yes, this's what it's all about.

Today, we are not just competing with friends in the same college or within the same borders.

The world is flat is true as ever.

We face challenges from 6 billions population worldwide. High skilled workers from the developed nations, low cost production yet relative equal efficiency from the B.R.I.C; the current financial turmoil in the P.I.G.S. ; all are inter-related to our daily lives.

Yes true I wanna be financial freedom, give a better life to my family and a positive impact to the society.

How can I do it? By doing the old way? Completing a first-class degree and work for a good company and true it's one of the ways.

But don't just limit it to yourselves. There're many opportunities out there.

Nowadays university life doesn't mean study 24/7. Gerald Lee, General Manager from Celcom Sdn Bhd, one of the speakers in EYLN agreed with this. He encourages us to exposure or explore any business opportunities during university life, maybe it be Amway (the most successful 21% MLM), insurance related works and etc.

What you learnt from there sure will help you a lot when you start up own business!

People is like that. After back from a motivation talk or a inspiring conferences, we have a lot of ideals and hot blood running over. But the most important thing is how you turn these ideals into tangible products, and make our thoughts into actions? This is the most difficult part. Many people can talk cock but can't do anything.

I like this part very well. Share here. Our life is like a pencil.

Our life is just like a Pencil. 1. GUIDANCE - We need to be guided by someone. Our bright stars. 2. BLUNT - Challenges everywhere, we need to "SHARPEN" skills every now and then. 3. HARD - hard on the outside, soft inside. 4. ERASER - We can make a difference! 4. LEAVES a MARK - Make our life counts, leave a Legacy.

I also don't know. But we keep doing things right, we can harvest the rich products.

Think of what your passion is. When you do something without getting paid but still love every bit of it, and can think of it the whole day not getting tired - that's your passion.

Always think and analyse things, how to make it better? How to make life easier? Think of things behind the purpose, not just the outer layer. For instance, when people email, people don't just send email as they want to do it, people want to communicate to others! And how can we make the process easier & better?
Do something that I HAPPY, YOU HAPPY, and MARKET HAPPY!

Tune Hotel fits the market, just well!

Sometimes what people want from a hotel just a powerful shower and a 5-star bed.

And Tune Hotel makes it with just 1-star rate.

Those who flew Air Asia sure complained of its frequent delay & poor services.

Smile only to foreigners, no food no drink.

But why people still fly it and make it the most profitable and successful low cost carrier?

Because Air Asia serves the purposes right!

CHEAP & Everybody Can Fly!

Think what Malaysia will be if without Air Asia.

Also, check this WEBSITE out. Craigslist

It's ranked 7th in US websites traffic, overtakes Twitter, Ebay, MSN etc. With just 32 staffs it made a net profit of +- USD 80 M in FY 2009.

The webpage is one of the uglist and simplest I ever come across. But this website just do things absolutely great and customers happy with it. And it makes money, I mean a lot.

Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft are just another examples. I guess you know more than me regarding these.

Life can be everything you want to be. Never succumb in the reality. Where you come from or who you are do not matter much, it's who you want to be and how you actions are the key to destiny.

The most powerful sentence in the world...

Never, never, never, ever give up - Winston Churchill -


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