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Majulah Singapura! A glimpse of city future Day 3 of 8

Walao eh! Still the same ar? So long! Thanks for reading it impatiently ! =D

The Strait of Johor separates 2 nations.

One is blessed with every possible natural resources you name it and another has nothing but a strategic port.

Few decades to come the world has evolved, Singapore today enjoys as the most livable place in Asia, 4th leading financial centre, most globalised country in the world, 2nd busiest ports after Shanghai, most competitive nation, GDP (nominal) per capital of $37,293 (year 2009) and the list goes on...

While we are trapped in the middle-income group the lion has moved forward.

Read the book, "From 3rd World to 1st" by Lee Kuan Yew and it's not hard to know why. I read through the book in my matriculation days and it impressed me!

And one cannot deny the contributions made by the late Dr Goh Keng Swee (6 October 1918 - 14 May 2010) in creating a modern economy that is so vibrant focused on industry, education and urban planning.

He played a vital role in the places we were going to visit.

The URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) and Jurong. He was the master brain for Jurong Industrial Estate , once a laughing stock and now attracted billions of foreign investments into this city-state.


Day 3

We're too lazy to wake up in the soft, comfortable mattress! Our first stop will be URA at Maxwell Road, actually just within 15 min walk from A Beary Good Hostel. As we walked along the street...we passed through

The famous Sri Mariamman Temple, SG's largest Hindu temple

Chinatown in the morning

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

Our first destination of the day --- The URA Centre (Urban Redevelopment Authority) - Highly recommended by Xiao Shu and it's really, really worth the visit! =D

It was also my Xiao Shen working place for 10 years!


URA is Singapore national land-use planning authority. It prepares long-termed strategic plans, as well as detailed local area plans, coordinates and guides efforts to bring these plans into reality.

Everyone of us knows Singapore is small!

But how small ?

It's only about 2.5 times Penang Island (293km2) as Singapore (710.2km2) has limited lands for a 5 million populations.

Every inch of the land counts! It has the highest population density in the world after Monaco yet the land use is so well planned!

Stepping into URA and trust me it's like a mini expo! If you like properties or real-estate it's your heaven!

Modern & beautiful office

A city to live, work ---and PLAY !

Plan, plan, plan!

Guess what, Singapore plans for the next 40 - 50 years ahead! Amazing huh?

The concept plan maps out vision for the next 4 to 5 decades to come, especially in land use and transportation plan.

The plan is put together with extensive public consultation through internet feedback, public dialogues and exhibition.

Master plan guides Singapore's development over the next 10 - 15 years, aligning to the Concept Plan big direction.

The good thing is everyone of us can know what our country or hometown is going to be!

Not only know, we can see through the real models and actually touch it! There's even a 3D video to showcase you what transformations will take place! Just imagine!

Erm...can somebody tell me what Penang is going to be? Over the next 40 years?

The entire CBD is displayed as 3D models. This is really cool!

The Pinnacle @ Duxton (see my coming post at day 7)

More homes will be built in the city to increase the live-in population from 3% to 7%. So the city centre is not just for work but also to live. This certainly can add more buzz into the city.

A smart plan! Over in Malaysia we have out planned township like Putrajaya and Cyberjaya as well! Can somebody tell me what happens when night falls?

Orchard Road - Can you spot ION Orchard & Ngee Ann City ?

URA plans street by street

Block by block, nothing is left out

Listen to Empires State of Mind by Jay-Z to feel what I felt

A city to have fun !

and of course --- live!

Lifestyle = Live it with style

List out how many % of land to be utilized in specific purposes

To be the best city - compete with London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur

Just in the case of public transport kl already failed !

Sky garden is the next hot thing! Is sky the limit to mankind ?

Transform the Jurong Lakeside

As you step into URA, you'll be welcome by this single large Jurong Lakeside model.

URA announced a masterplan in April 2008 to transform Jurong into the largest commercial hub outside city centre in the next 10 years.

No more just an industrial place

*New world-class science centre
*New lakeside village
*Enhanced Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden
*New Public Park
*JCube - New shopping mall with Olympic-size ice skating rink (ready in 2012)

Interesting right?

That's why! Singapore changes drastically every 3-5 years. New things are keep coming!


It's just located opposite of URA.

Crowds at lunch time.

We tried chicken rice there. The chicken heads did grab our attentions! Creative

If you have no ideal what to eat, follow the crow! If a lot of people are queuing up means - Hok Chiak la!

The bak cham ke turned out to be really delicious! But just the rice is not soft enough!

Chicken rice for 4, $14

Guess where were we heading next ???


Yes, the "hot property location"!

We are going to seek any possible chances to invest in the real-estates

Haha! No-lah! No capital though. We are going to Science Centre!

We walked from maxwell hawker centre to Tanjong Pager MRT

Garden City - Singapore

Reached in 10min !

East West line from Tanjong Pagar to Jurong East (about 15 min)

It's just 10-15 min walk from Jurong East MRT to Science Centre, but Walao-eh! We couldn't stand the hot weather and tired, took bus.

It's our first time to board a bus in SG! Very fast! We didn't even have to wait for the bus to come!

Use our EZ- link card -- Di Di at the entrance gate electronic machine! Done!

Here we reached National Science Centre!

Big crowd, a lot of primary & secondary students.

Di Di card to enter.

The entry ticket + theater show combined $15.

In overall the National Science Museum is not bad, but I expected more than that. It's many times better than ours durian but personally I think private KLCC Science Discovery Centre is newer and more intersting!

But the fun thing is you can take many weird yet funny pics here ---

Beautrice the David Footballfield

K.O. ! Ryo vs Ken in Street Fighter

What so funny? Haha

Astro Gal!

Wanted, get him alive! $500,000 rewarded

JY in The Pirates of Carribean

Chow Run Fa Ting Yik Saw :" Welcome to Singapore!"

Watch Pirates At World's End

After spending a whole afternoon at Science Centre, we moved to our next destination!

This time, we walked back to the MRT station.

We passed through Jurong Regional Library

Just a regional library! It made me so wanna go inside!

Jurong East MRT

BUGIS for the Night

20 min MRT to Bugis !

Bugis ! If Orchard Road ain't your place, come to Bugis!

I can assure you can get some nice bargains here!

Bugis has a long history where the Bugis people from Indonesia came here centuries ago. Read wikipedia for more.

National Library of Singapore

It's a must go place in Singapore! I was really amazed by this new library. Certainly I can spend my whole day there!

You feel like stepping into hotel lobby in the library itself!

The best time to visit the library is from 7pm - 9pm. ( It closes at 9pm) and you can see the city night view from the glass. The lightning and design make you comfortable, and relax.

It's located between Bugis Junction and the Bras Basah Complex @ Victoria Strt

Books? You name it!

There's computer system, very much similar as Borders to search and place the book for you.

Self-return service

Study Lounge

See the space & lightning, and soft classical music in the background

It's fun enough to just see the buildings in singapore!

9pm - 11pm : Bugis Junction, Iluma Shopping Mall Bugis Street, Bugis Village

Bugis Junction!

A lot of youths out there! A shopping heaven...for the gals...of course! This time the 2 gals really bought!

Bugis Junction is managed by CapitaLand, one of Asia's largest real estate company!

ION Orchard, Funan IT Mall, Clarke Quay, Vivocity are all owned by CapitaMall Trust!

Interesting facts in Malaysia they own Gurney Plaza, Sungai Wang Plaza & The Mines!

Saw this in Bugis Junction!

You feel very safe walking in the streets of Singapore, even late at night and alone. You just feel the trust and confidence.

Mau cuba at Malaysia?

Next, we went to Iluma Shopping mall. Singapore's first urban entertainment centre which targets the young professionals at their 20s and 30s.

Iluma, google

Iluma shopping mall, google 2

@ Sky Bridge Iluma

Iluma is connected to Bugis Junction by a Sky Bridge!

And here you are the Sky Bridge!

It's not just a pedestrian bridge but actually shopping path!

Poker Manic @ Iluma Skybridge

Iluma interior design

Latest arcade games at Iluma's highest level

After Iluma, we went to Bugis Street & Bugis Village.

It's quite alike to Taiwan's night market or Malaysia's Pasar Malam, but just cleaner and better.

Bugis Street. Cheap T-Shirts here.

Geylang? Yes, Singapore community, especially the youngs are more opened.

Durian season ! Berapa biji u mau ? !

Passed through ~ 我爱台妹!

台妹也爱我 XD


Can I have 林志玲 and 侯佩岑 together?

Extra large set! Thank you boss!


hooiyee said...

the way u travel singapore is
u really enjoyed it!cheers!

Joan said...
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Joan said...

wow....really a long long wonder it took u so many hours to complete it. :)

i'm having holidays now again...i wanna go to singapore after my genting trip...perhaps i go there alone.haha...can hardly imagine it >.<

hey suddenly have an idea for u...u can collect ur travelling experiences and write a 'travel book' d...then find a publisher to publish them and u would become a write someday...haha...i'll be ur 1st supporter to buy all ur books then...rmb to sign for me ya...hehe... =D

xuannie said...

slow poke. helowww again. for the
3rd time now for today. no no! i am not a big fan of your blog. bwahaha. s'pore is so uniquely s'pore. it's so futuristic. the buildings all are so artistic, modern and beautiful. awesome man!!! i don't see anything like that here only through pictures of buildings of other countries. s'pore is so much like a city. a true city that a city should be. i am totally in love with the library. ohh well. nothing more that i could describe bout s'pore. but AWESOME! s'pore! I'm lovin it! i want to go s'pore. i want to go s'pore. i want to go s'pore.

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