Monday, May 10, 2010''s Earthquake...Tremor...

Happieee Mother's Day and yes there was a big joke.

It's a lazy sunday, I was sitting in front of HP dv 3, watching GEE youtube and true I love their dances so much!

The sun was scorching hot and of course I sweated like hell.

All out sudden, the I felt a sense of dizziness, headache, the world was just like upside down *** exaggerated *** and I was like:" syok-lah, who asked u to sleep so late??!!"

But I felt aint't the way. I immediately stood up and I could feel the tremor. My instinct told me there must be earthquake somewhere else. This wasn't my first time!

I opened my Facebook and most Penangites and northen citizens commented...all were like suprised & shocked. Later Jacqueline told me in Twitter there's a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in northen Sumatra & Tsunami alert was activated.

Instantly searched through google news and within minutes it's the breaking news in WSJ & BBC. #earthquake top the trend in Twitter and FB status keep updated. Haha. This's why I like social media so much! Cannot imagine how world is going to be in 10 years time ! Excited!

And yes this wasn't my first time to feel the tremor. I was so lucky to be safe in a 5.5 scale earthquake. Yeah, it's earthquake not tremor.

Aun Yee, Heng How, Nathan did you still remember ???

It was back in December 2006 where I attended a student exchange program in Kaohshiung, Taiwan.

In this beautiful harbor city where 痞子英雄 was filmed

Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and host country Taiwan

SMJK Krian & Shu Te High School,
through iEARN channel (International Education and Resources Network)

We're there to present ideals how to save environment in each particular country, for us Malaysia, we talked about Sea Turtles.

Aun Yee as sea turtle, classic! This made us the one of the best presentation among all.

And it was a winter December, after all the hard works we were pampered with a nice dinner in this restaurant. And this was where unforgettable experience begun.

All of us get seated nicely & enjoying a taste of latte and pasta.

Never forgot it was 26 December, classical music in the air and my wrist watch read 850pm. I couldn't really remember the time.

Abruptly the table was like moving, shaking with a loud noise! We thought our member did it out of boredom...well...just let go...and moment later there's real trembling! The cups and plates were like shaking on its own and the glass, dim lights were hanging periculously up there. U can FEEL the world is upside down!

The next thing: RUN !!!

All of us ran out of the cafe and only to realise that it was a 5.5 magnitude earthquake stroke 100km away from our place!

Phone calls couldn't be met and there're road accidents and some fire. U could hear some screaming and people hastily ran out from the building. Panicked.

I couldn't describe the experience in words but the videos can show how's the quake.

Vestibule and my semi circular canals couldn't back to normal for the entire night.

It was a horrible, but exciting experience!

Later back to home only realised the quakes we experienced. The first one - Strike-slip, which was less mild, that's why we just felt like the table was moving.

The second one...this's one can bring real catastrophe - Thrust. We felt like the world is upside down. Cause the earth crust is moving up and down.

Earthquake can be very horrible. It's like the earth gets mad and releases sudden energy from the crust and we people suffer.

The mum cried hysterically, unable to find her kid.

I don't know whether it's a coincidence or natural course, recently natural disasters are just like everywhere.

Would it really be the effect of human negligence and ignorance towards the environment? Global warming? or 2012? I don't really know.

But what I know millions of people perished in quakes.

The recent Haiti earthquake just took estimated 250,00 lives.

No more homes. Shattered

2008 Si Chuan Earthquake.

2004 Aceh Indonesia Earthquake & Tsunami

before & after

Life is too insignificant when natural disaster hits, isn't it?

But at least we can do something to reduce the risk. Know some basic knowledge like what to do when there's earthquake like hide in the wardrobe .

We don't know what happens next, do you?

So, appreciate this moment, at least, for now.


xuannie said...

hello slow poke. i am here again. uhhh! do i sounds like i am a big fan of your blog. ohh great! bwahaha. i like this sentence " and i was like: "bla bla bla". you talk to yourself huh? earthquake is seriously scary. i haven't had any experience of tremor though. what is happening to the world???!!! there's earthquake happening every few months! is it true that 2012 will be the end?! i hope not. i still have lots to do!!! i want to see my grandchildren. errr. am i out-of-point ady? alright alright. live life to the fullest! ohhh noooo! i have macro econs tomorrow. i am hating the subject thanks to the lecturer. she's always this is common sense. it's not at all! eeeeekkkkkK!!!

Japheth Lim Gene-Harn said...

ahahha all right earthquake!
Don't tell me another China EarthQuake, well then i will see the newsfeed all shift to the earthquake rather expo. hahaa. owh well glad nothing happen. But we would not know that SEA could have a hurricanes soon too... this century is scary wei.

Beh Wei Chean said...

@xuannie! thanks u r always the best! hehe... just like moment by moment..the rest leave it to God. do our parts. hahaz!

@geneharn..yeah..this century i scary...hurricanes in SEA!! oh nooooo. haha.

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