Saturday, May 08, 2010

Real update this time =P

Hello everyone! How's life ?

Yeah, I know, in my previous post I promised to update but ended up inactive for entire month.

You know-lah, final exam approaching at the same time indulging in the world of microblogging - Twiiter - Oh yes, join me in this fun social media !

Recent Updates

Really, time passes amazingly fast. I can't believe it's 2010 and within 3 weeks I'm stepping into 20 year-old! Say goodbye to 1X. And yes, you know more things when you grow up and found out this world can be real cruel but opportunities are everywhere! We can have our dreams come true by having right decision & efforts.

1st year life in USM has been awesome. Yes, to be frank I never thought of continuing study in local institution. My perception of local uni life is no new exposure and no much fun.

But I have to keep back my words. So far I enjoy life in Penang USM. Met all sorts of awesome people who inspired me, and let me know how far can we go; wonderful hostel room ( Best hostel after UPM 17th college and I'm staying ALONE in the double room ! p.s I used to have a lovely roommate for few days); different societies, activities and etc.

I simply mix with everyone and explore anything as I know, I want an interesting university life and keeping myself at the room ain't the way. And yes, past 1 year has been a fruitful one =D

However there're regrets too, like I didn't managed to join MPP which could offer me another exposure, especially in strategizing and politics. Those who close with me will know I do really concern about politics.

Why? I wish to develop myself to a better person, and make this place a better place. And through politics is one of the best way. And yes in USM there're few intelligent people I look up to.

Well, will write more about uni life. I was keep inspired by different people from different circle of life. They can do it, why can't I?

Days to come

Now let's move forward into semester break plans! My semester will be full of fun & great learning!

1. EYLN 2010, UKM, Bangi
ELYN - ( Entrepreneurship Young Learning Network) A must-go annual conference which is going to held in UKM from 14-16 May 2010. Well, being a business student inherently I like to explore to such conference which gives me much inputs and great creative ideals. Besides meeting with awesome youths like my age, I have the chance to learn from industry leaders such as :-

Puan Chan Ceong - Founder, group MD & CEO of Green Packet Inc

Yeoh Chen Chow (left 1) from BM, Penang. He holds a double degree in US, gave up enginnering job for JobStreet, and now taking CFA.

We had the same babysitter but I did not know him personally.

EYLN Gold sponser

The theme for this conference is about Green & Sustainable. Businesses which is sustainable to the environment, at the same time can make big profit...any ideal?

2. International Office, USM

I'll be going back to USM on 10, 11 May to be buddies of students visit from University of Victoria, Canada. We will share USM info, basic Malaysia knowledge and Penang stories with them. Who knows, I might have chance to exchange in the relevant university?

3. East Summit, GE

Yes, thanks to wenxu and many thanks to Soon Lee who inspires me a lot. I look up to him and there're too many things I can learn from this person.

From here I believe I can really develop myself. Of course, no effort, there's no gain.

4. Majulah Singapura!

Most exciting part of all, going to the city state island! With the opening of resort world, universal studio, the sand marina bay, ion orchard...the city will just be more fun!

What I wish to really see is the urban development of the island and state of arts. How Singapore did it well Penang, once a competitor to SG decades ago, lagging behind.

Why Singapore transport system is known to be excellence while KL's is a mess?

And Yes, thanks to Jetstar I can make it to the trip!

Besides visiting SG cannot be more convenient with 84 weekly flights from Penang to SG. There're Air Asia, Tiger Airways, Jetstars, Silk Air, MAS which can compare for a better deal.

I visited Singapore when I was 3 and yes I had some vague memories. What I never forget is I cried ( I used to cry a lot when small, LOL) in the plane and the beautiful stewardess gave me a gift! XD

Resort World Sentosa

ION Orchard, one of the awesome projects by my uncle's company

Marina Bay, one of the best skylines in Asia

5. Program Pembimbingan Siswa Lestari ( LPPL ..oops.. is PPSL)

I will be back to uni 3 weeks earlier for traning to be facilitator for new intakes! I'm no longer junior then! It really cut short my holidays but I look forward to gain something in this program.
When you gain something, you lose something.

Last but not least, enjoy at home !

No matter where you have been, you will never find a place better than home and it's true!

Spending time with family and hometown friends will be the relaxing part of my break.

Well, update till here for this time.

No matter how, life goes on!


xuannie said...

Helloooo slow poke! ;)
what comment to leave lah? isyhh. errrr enjoy your elyn (you type wrongly) suppose to be eyln loh. scroll back and check! and also your s'pore trip. yang terpenting ialah jangan lupa bawak souvenir balik untuk saye. errrr. you look really tiny when you are small. yealah. you are only 3. i tau lah. hoho! crying baby!!! aahahaahha! now only i know!!! bwahahahah!!! crying baby!!! eh how come you remember the beautiful stewardess arh??? erhem."I wish to develop myself to a better person, and make this place a better place." i like this. alright. update update frequently wey. that's all, slow poke. it's 3.10am!!!

Joan said...

ur uni life is really fun..i wish i could hav such a life like u too..hehe...but politics...hmm...not suit for me at all although i wish to be same as u--develop myself to a better person, and make this place a better place. =)

omg,u planned a lot for ur semester break!i planned to go to SG for the past 5 months but i failed to do so...i wish to go to the universal studio but i hav no sad...although i could get a place to stay and food to eat which is free-of-charge. =P but the most important matter is...nobody is willing to go with me...sob sob...T.T

btw,wish u could have a nice trip in SG,a fulfulling semester break and a chance to exchange in the
University of Victoria, Canada. =D

yeah!we'll never find a place better than home but i'm leaving after today...actually i'm not willing to leave...wish i could be back as soon as possible. p.s u know why? XD

ur holiday starts but my holiday ends. *sad*

anyhow,hav a nice and fun holiday ya. =)

soon said...

haha...u wan me leave comment ar? haha...nice blog...and ...enjoy ur time at home..since u seldom go home...hahaha...XD..take care...

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