Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Scholarships & Interviews & Malaysia Education Info

Hey Guys!

University intake in June is approaching. Many of you sure as excited as I was to decide for the best choice.

After SPM, I went for few scholarships interview such as JPA, TNB, Sime Darby, Asean scholarships while shortlisted for The Star & Sin Chew education funds.

Though ultimately I ended up in matriculation but still believe sometimes what life needs is luck, besides your academic qualifications. Cause this country isn't as simple as you think.

I never regret of matriculation life and it was the turning point of my life. I didn't manage to get any scholarships to go overseas. But this makes me wanted to share more with lots more bright potential students out there, such as you.

A lot of juniors are now looking for scholarships, university and courses info. Few of them wrote email to me and I wish to share here to all. Hope it helps!

Who doesn't want to study overseas?

Study abroad is just like travel, everyone wants to do it!

But in reality you face a lot of restrictions, such as financial status.

But you can really work this out by trying on scholarships.

Hereby I list down a list of very useful websites regarding OVERSEAS scholarships, How to Apply Ivy League abroad (etc), LOCAL scholarships, Education in Malaysia (Matriculation, Local University)/


Scholarships Centre - Most comprehensive scholarships one-stop centre (Scholarships all sorted out by date, clear and easy, local & overseas, private & government)

Recom Org - The WorldWide Malaysian Students Network ( This website is cool! For scholarships interviews sharing, how to prepare, how to apply for Ivy League, G8, seniors will share experiences & yes top scorers are there )

Yeoh Chen Chow Blog - Founder of Recom.Org, JPA scholar (He shares the latest scholarships info news, internships, study abroad opportunities, great conferences)

Quan Sheng - Local university ; courses info in details (If you're applying local uni, comparisons of local uni, or confuse of what courses requirement CGPA, this website is exactly what you need!)

Lowyat Forum - Education Essentials ( For info regarding private college & local u, what courses to choose, scholarships interview sharing, future prospect, starting salary, many often you can find a lot of helpful seniors sharing experiences here! )

Chinese Cari - Education Forum ( Mandarin version of education forum, about the same as Lowyat forum; this is useful for current undergrads too like room to rent, uni societies & activities)

Education Malaysia - Blog ( Critical thoughts in Malaysia education system - private & public, job market, written by 3 distinguished Malaysian youths graduated in UK US top uni )

Dream what you can dream of.

If you have a dream, do whatever you can to chase after it, taking considerations into life reality.

There are many chances out there, you never try, never know.

Never, ever, set a limit to yourself.

When Eiffel Tower first built from 1887 to 1889, many thoughts it was impossible and would be an eyesore.

Today, it is widely considered as one of the most striking masterpieces of architecture art in the world.

    If you don't paddle your own canoe, you don't move. -Katharine Hepburn

Hope this info can help a little. The rest you decide.

After all, not managed to go overseas doesn't mean that you are not good.

It's all about your thinking, how you see the world and accept the differences.

I can be reached at wilson521@gmail.com and feel free to write me anything regarding education.


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