Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Whiew! When I opened my eyes from my slumberland it’s 10.30am. What a shock it was to me. I seldom wake up in such a time. I mean it’s quite late. As usual, when I wake up late, I had my lunch as my breakfast without my favourite glass of milk.

Then I began my routine. Sit properly in front of office table, with hands flipping over SinChew daily and TheStar. I noticed today’s date printed on the right-upmost of the paper. 2008-2-13. Oh~ This proves again: Time flies like arrow, fruit flies like a banana. A proverb I always bear in mind.

Yeah.. It’s true that I have long never updated my blog. If you asked me what’s the most meaningful thing I’ve done over the past 2 weeks... erm.. I would say visit my grandpa and spent a ‘long’ time with him.

It was 29 of Jan have I not mistaken. I went to him. It’s 10’ something in the morning. Cause I already made an ‘appointment’ with him, once I arrived we started doing the
‘Genealogy’ thingy. Ha. Genealogizing is not my cup of tea. But as a grandchild or a part of this family, I think it’s right to know my family history.

My grandpa is 82-year-old. But he still can drive and goes to office. I went there along with him that day by his friend’s car. Back, he started story-telling… He spoke for 4 and a half hour continuously. Of course using TeoChew. He told me how his father, my great-grandfather, escaped from Kuomintang to Siam and then here Malaysia… how he survived in Shantou in the early life and went on board to Malaya in 1930s….
how great-grandfather started timber business in late 1930s…. how’s life in excruciating pain during Japanese era…and many of “how”, “what”, “when”, “who”…..

Of course, I didn’t really understand all what he said. Yes I am a Teo Chew, but I speak better penang Hokkien, sarcastically.

Who never learn from the past is doomed to repeat it… What I’ve gained are
having a broader view of the past age of turbulence, comprehend why I’m a Malaysian Chinese, man must have integrity, and of course, know a little bit more about grandpa life.

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