Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Charity Works! ROcks!

I think the 14 of us broke the record for "renting one big bus". The 3 charity homes we went namely are: Penang Cheshire Home, The Penang Home for the Infirm and Aged, and The Children's Protection Society.

This trip really cheered and lighten up my life. Be grateful and satisfied with what we are now. Bless and care those who are less fortunates.

My damn camera battery ran out so only few pics taken.
Anyway enjoy the photos^-^

My team shopped&grabbed in Tesco

Paying. Tesco should be very happy with this



To Buy List

For the kids
Price List . Longest ever.
6 Trolleys. Get set Go!

Cheshire Home

Together in Cheshire Home

Excellent in art

They are happy with our presence


God Bless

With 26 lovely & cute kids

Counter-Terrorist Wins


Joan said...

wow...so meaningful.^.^

xuxu said...

oh yeah~~!!!!!!!

car donation charity said...

This was so touching! Round of applause for all good deed and kind act the group did. Its nice to know that their still people who want and willing to help others.


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