Friday, July 02, 2010

USM 2010/2011 new intake, new journey!

I'm sitting at this freezing Bilik Gerakan at Tekun hostel, all prepared for tomorrow official new students intake!

And yes, time really flies, see, now I am a PPSL (facilitator for new student) and no more junior...Haha

I used to be excited and feel uncertained about how new uni life would be too!

The past 1 year university life was really really fun; people, societies and activities made my life interesting!

I was from science stream but never ever regret by changing into business field! I just like economics, entrepreneurships & world current issues. And I like what I study. So, choose the course you really like!

For all new juniors in USM batch 2010/2011, a big warm welcome!

beautiful scenery from usm, also popular dating spot

What I can say is in USM you can have an interesting campus life!

Yes I have to admit that some people prefer KL as a metropolitan and more shopping centers...haha...but Penang is just fine!

Nice foods, heritage feel, sea, sand, sun, sex .....

RST Hostels from USM football field

I would say university life is a turning point to many.

And being a first year everything just a beginning, so, don't limit yourself.

Your future is not determined by your past.

Explore in every possible opportunities.

In orientation weeks new students required to take part in many formal activities...

And you meet a lot of new friends, and some genius smart one like this...Haha =P

Networking is just important, you will never know your friends might be your CEO or biggest client someday.

And you will start outing since the first few weeks...Queensbay 10min away...simply throw a stone u will hit a USM student head...LOL

USM is a beautiful campus. I just like the greeneries. It's not as large as UPM, UTM, UUM; but again, it's just nice.

USM is dubbed as "University in a Garden" and aptly so.

"APEX is not just a status or title, it's about how you students can be more relevant, marketable, confident to others students. Excel in not just academic areas but leaderships, communication, soft skills and etc. Don't just compare with your peers, when you graduate you face the flat world" - Professor Dato' Omar Osman, Timbalan Naib Chancellor HEP USM

Jogging in the late afternoon just to sweat or swim in the olympic-size swimming pool.

Drink a cold milo while enjoying Penang bridge view and sea breeze.

This is Saujana, only all-gals hostel

If you're a gentleman, your limit is here!

This's my room in 1st year.

I don't like things to be messy same goes to my room. Those get my room lucky la! Haha

In short, Welcome to be part of USM!

A relaxing or a interesting, challenging uni life; it's up to your choice! Just learn and have fun, and your papa mama will tell you..."study hard for your CGPA!" =P


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