Sunday, June 13, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore - A place where fairy tales come true

You're not considered to have visited Singapore if you missed Universal Studio! =P

"Very expensive le? Convert to Ringgit you count la"

"Theme park just opened some..nothing much la.."

"But mind you? Universal Studio Singapore is 2nd in Asia. If you want to save more then go to Japan la!"

"Or you can wait till 2014 Seoul and coming Dubailand!"


We had a fun day in Universal, cause too many interesting things, so to illustrate and describe clearly what's worth to see in Universal, this post...err...more pics la! HAHA

If you want more chio pics for FB profile, come U.S.  

Sometimes in life fairy tales do come true. 

But, how true is true? 

We had a new partner in Universal Studio's trip! Introducing - Eric Yeap JB guy UM E&E our friend back in Penang Matriculation College. We met him at 10am and kicked start our day!  

Genting Group, proud of Malaysia?

Universal Studio entrance ticket $66 (free $10 meal + $5 goods cash vouchers)

Believe me, it's worth every single dollar!

Too many places to go in one short...where to go first le?

For your info, Universal Studio is generally consisted of 7 theme attractions

i) Hollywood
ii) Madagascar *
iii) Far Far Away (Shrek)
iv) Jurassic Park *
v)Ancient Egypt 
vi) Sci-Fi City *
vii) New York 

Each has their own selling point. 

*Madagascar, Jurassic Park and Sci-Fi City are not available completely yet. 

"Walao eh! Like this mah 70% available? Not worth la!"

We're beh gan buan and quite frustrated at first, but once stepped into Universal Studio... 

WOW! The ambience is very much different! Rock 'n' roll music welcomed us and we felt like in celebrating and relaxing mood. It's like a grand festival! 

Welcome to HOLLYWOOD! 

Everything is just colorful there. And yes, what you see in cartoon and TVs are there. 

Buildings are meticulously sculptured


The best part in Universal Studio is there're shows from time to time. It's not like Genting where outdoor theme park is theme park. 

Here you don't have to pay extra for real world-class shows. 

Well....we watched 3 indoor halls; 3 street shows! 

So we started from Madagascar, to Far Far Away, Lost World, Water World, Egypt, Sci-Fi City and finally New York!  (One clockwise turn in U.S.)


Dancing Cute Penguins & King Julian!  

Penguin A:" The weather is damn too hot! I'm sweating like hell!"
King Julian:" Shut up! Concentrate!" 

Madagascar Hippo! Why no soft pink tummy geh?

Have you watched Shrek 4 Forever After? We're here at Far Far Away! 

Princess Fiona here I come! XD

We watched 4D Shrek show inside the castle. 

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the greatest of em' all?



Jurassic Park uniforms! With super-beam laser guns?

We waited 40 min for 60s Canopy Flyer. But it's worth the wait when you get to see bird eyes views of...

Far Far Away @ Universal Studio

Singapore's CBD & port in the far horizon

Resort World Sentosa! 

In The Lost World itself, we moved to WATER WORLD  (Aware of the show time) 

Here you can witness a tidal-wave of death-defying stunts, awesome explosions and thrills at this sensation live water shows! 

Prepare to be amazed!

Crowd on Monday, can you imagine what weekend would be?

If you sit in front of the 3 rows...then you are at the splash & wet zones! 

It's more qi kek & better experience than Avatar 3D! 

It's like watching James Bones acting in front of you! 

The audience sat anxiously with the hope that pretty Helen, the female lead, would be rescued from the pseudo-golfer baddies.  

And the best part would be...

Clashing and explosion of a real jet plane!!! It actually exploded!!! BOMB!

This 20-min live show ended with a huge explosion of the water world site.

So, $66...worth or not? =P

With Helen, the female lead. They are professionals! Salute!

Everything is good but the weather, you can't really stand it and get tired easily under 2pm scorching sun.'s time for lunch! 


Curry's Singapore's Laksa. I spent my $10 meal coupon. ($6.90 for Laksa & $3 for 100 plus)

After rebated the entrance ticket actually is just $51 ($66-$10-$5)

Bye Bye Jurassic we headed to ANCIENT EGYPT!

We worshiped Egypt's God and Goddesses 

frm google

Revenge of the Mummy! My favorite heart-throbbing challenge! 

High speed indoor roller coaster in total darkness! Sometimes plagued on all sides by fireballs! 


After the mummy, SCI-FI CITY! 

World's tallest dueling Roller Coaster! But so bad shut down infinitely as dummies testing fell down on the 6th day. 


You don't have to go to New in Singapore you can experience THE BIG APPLE  

"In New York...concrete jungles where dreams are made of..."

In New York, we met Marilyn Moore the sex symbol! (chubby version?)

In front of New York High Court 

A similar scene from US movie? In a dark valley of NYC?

Beau & Jin Yan were crazy for NY NY! Best place to HAHA

I'm being paid USD 3000 for doing this job

We visited the Hat Maker Shop

Alice's in the Wonderland! Wilson the Red Queen?

In New York, popping hip hop street dances everywhere 

Live Musical show can meet MJ too !!! 

Yes, we definitely had fun in Universal Studio. 

We visited Steven Spielberg's studio - Light! Camera! Action!

It's another indoor show. We are led into empty sound stage room where the visual effect for a category 5 hurricane in New York City engulf the room against the backdrop and burning skyscrapers. 

The special effects such as the splashing of sea waves and fire are completely intense and real! 

Stay away if you don't want to get wet! 

So, conclusion we get---

Don't believe scenes in movie.  

We enjoyed another 30 min indoor musical show (Imagine EUROPEANS dancing NOBODY NOBODY BUT YOU?) before heading to souvenir shop to spend our $5 voucher.

Universal Studio closes at 7pm but it's extended to 10pm now. (Pay Extra)

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore! Ohh took us about 30min to walk from US to here. 


TOP ATTRACTIONS in Universal Studio 

TOP 3 Shows -

1. Water World
2. Shrek 4D- Adventure
3. Steven Spielberg Light! Camera! Action! 

BEST Experience -

Revenge of the Mummy - Indoor Total Darkness Roller Coaster 


Yes, Universal Studio is just about 70% opened, it already spinned our head right round right round....

What about when it's 100% completed? 


Joan said... fun!my aunt said that if wanna play all,hav to spend 2 days there.

i love roller coaster sooo much! i wanna play the indoor roller coaster and dueling roller coaster(too bad it's shutting down)!
there's one indoor roller coaster in total darkness in HK disneyland's really FUN!u can have a try there too. =)

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