Sunday, September 06, 2009

Officially close my blog.

Blogs provide us a platform where we can share our views and stories. As long as it doesn't deal with sensitive politics, write things which are not true or slander on someone.

This's part of the Web 2.0 and globalisation process. People talk about sharing nowadays.

Just ask ourselves:" when we wanna buy a product noawadays, may it be a handphone, laptop or foods, very often we Google it" We read people reviews on their blog, comparisons, etc and finally make our own decision.

So, what's wrong with sharing something that is true? Just like the broadband review? We write from the point of consumer and we definitely have the consumer rights to write reviews!

But sadly, some people just can't accept it.

If the 'logic' is right, then how about those critising "StreamXXX" service in the forum? (they're talking facts) How about those, like, after having a wonderful meal, share on their blog; on the other hand comment or some food stalls which are not too nice. They have the right, man.

Come on, what era is this? Please think twice before we comment.

I bet some party also read reviews on internet to make their services better. That's why online polling is so popular.

I'm really dissapointed. Don't feel like the mood to blog anymore. At least for the time being. I'm not dampened but just... dissapointed.

So, I'll make this blog private. If you want to read just write me a message through the blogger.

I don't know when I'll re-open this blog. At least for the time being it wouldn't happen...

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