Sunday, May 10, 2009

Taiwan updated

we've been away from taipei for 5 days. We went to taichung, hualian and taitung. We touched the pacific ocean, drank fresh milk, experienced the bullet train, up to the mountain, all the taiwanese special foods... full everynite.... etc..."shall continue when i back". We travelled round the island through railway.

taichung 'cheng ping' - sanctuary !!!
with lovely ty xiao gu
picturesque paddy fields~ very much different from MY - Jay "dao xiang"
celebrate mother's day with my host family - Jie Fong & family, they moved from kaohsiung to taichung
taiwan bullet train -300km/h max, we experienced 288km. can u imagine? 2.15pm we're in taichung, at 3pm we reached taipei, and MRT to ty ah ma house in 20min~ Taiwan public transport is so cool!
"qing shui duan ya"- pacific ocean!!! wonderful view!
Taruko- hualian
hello ma ying jeou
we met jolin live and near in taichung!@@ hua hu die-new album-concert
flying at taipei


XinKun said...

JOLIN also be met by u! walao eh! xD

Joan said...

wow...jolin...haha...yeah nia...xD
havent back?haha...

Wei Chean said...

haha..yeah...still got more incredible thgs..will post ltr. tmr flight back :)

小宇 said...

watda u summore can find jie fong~ did u stay thier home or jz celebrate >.< haha

nice trip rite~



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